Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hope you all have some amazing plans for the holiday!  We are headed to my friend's camp today for some good eats and beach playing.   Hoping it warms up enough to go in the water (it has been 90 degrees all week long and then today it's cloudy and only supposed to be 73...what the heck?!??!).  Regardless, it should be a good time.  Then tonight we plan on catching some fireworks.  Tomorrow we'll head to my parents for some swimming (back up to 80 and sunny tomorrow) and a BBQ at my aunt's.

Although I am new to blogging, I am not new to reading blogs...LOL.  I really enjoy reading everyone's 5 Friday Favorites so I thought I would do some favorites myself!!  I'll keep it to 4 though since it's the 4th of July.  :)

1.   ETSY!!  LOL  I have found so many amazing things on there!  Like these adorable Easter baskets.  Just had to show them because I think they are so cute!

2. My cake lady.   Oh my gosh, this lady makes great cakes.  Check out the ones she made for my boys' birthdays...

Jungle animals- just like his room
Lego cake- that's lego Darth Vader if you can't tell (we did a Lego Star Wars theme)

I'm having her do another one for my step-sister's birthday next week....purple and pink with a horse on top...can't wait to see it!  She is so talented!

3.  Temptations bakeware in this gorgeous color and pattern...

This is perfect for a casserole.  I also have the bread pan and muffin pan.  I love how they cook the food, love the easy clean up, and love how they look (orange is the accent color in my kitchen).

4.  My Keurig and this coffee mug.

Who doesn't love a perfect cup of coffee in 30 seconds?  And as for this's the perfect weight, perfect size, has a nice smooth exterior and I just love it!

So there's 4 favorites for you.  I'm also gonna give a shout out to Disney Junior for keeping my 18 month old somewhat occupied so I could write this post!!!


  1. Wow those cakes are so impressive! Found you on the Northeast Bloggers FB page. Congrats on your new blog!