Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Here's a quick recap of ours...

Saturday:  We hung out at the house until the afternoon and then headed out for some fun.  Our plan was to go to Hoffman's Playland but it was sooooo hot we decided to hit Dave & Busters instead.  Oh air conditioning!  :)  Dave & Busters was fun... the hubs and Nick especially had a good time.

After we had our fill of gaming, we headed over to Fridays for dinner and then had some Coldstone for dessert.  I looove Coldstone!  When I was pregnant with Nick, I had the worst craving for Coldstone cupcakes!  Now I have no interest in them.  Funny how that works!
This boy loves him some mac & cheese!

Blurry but I love this pic
Sunday morning was spent furiously cleaning the house.  Then my parents and my step-sister came up to celebrate her birthday.  We all went out to the Chinese buffet (my sister's choice).  My picky eater (Nick) had jello, a hard boiled egg, a brownie and a fortune cookie for lunch.  Definitely not the healthiest lunch!  Thankfully kids eat free because I really couldn't justify having my dad pay for that!!  After lunch everyone came back to our house for cake.  OMG, this cake was SO GOOD!!!  Chocolate with cookies and cream filling and buttercream frosting.  Isn't it pretty?

In addition to this, we tried to break Alec of his new favorite pastime, CLIMBING, before he broke something on his body!  He climbs stairs.  He climbs on tables.  He climbs on chairs.  He climbs on couches.  He uses a chair to climb onto a couch.  He even uses the dog to climb onto things!  We have to watch this kid EVERY MINUTE.  And I mean EVERY MINUTE.  It is exhausting!

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