Thursday, February 26, 2015

Friday Favorites- Design edition!

It's almost Friday!  Woo hoo!  Bring on the weekend!!  I am soo looking forward to this weekend.  I've got a party tomorrow night at my girlfriend's house and then Saturday is date night!

In other news, while looking at my blogger stats I saw I had 100 page views from Romania today.  Huh?  Does this seem strange to anyone else?  Is there some sort of Romanian blog scam I am not aware of?!?!

OK, on to my favorites!

Number 1 is courtesy of Pinterest

10 Gorgeous Farmhouse Style Christmas Mantels-from The Everyday Home

I love this look!!!!   I love the brick (or tile?) around the firebox (I'm pretty sure the hubby could put this over the granite surround we currently have), I love the shutters, I love the window pane, I love the greenery!  And I love the chairs!  I am definitely considering re-creating this look at Christmas time this year!

Number 2 is also from Pinterest!

seal a hardwood slab for kitchen counter

Oh how I love this look!  The sink, the faucet, the counter top, the tile backsplash.   I also love the pops of yellow!

Number 3 is...oh my gosh... again from Pinterest!


This really needs no explanation.  OK- who is gonna build this for me?!?!

Number 4 is...wait for it....... from Pinterest!   Are you sensing a theme here?


Rustic and cozy!  I love the wood beams, the headboard, and the yellow and blue with the white.  This picture makes me want to take a nap!

Can you guess where number 5 is from??

French Country Kitchen

I think it's those beautiful flowers and trees out the door that draw me to this picture.  I also think the table and chairs are adorable and I love the tablecloth and flowers on the table.

Well, there you have it!!  Are any of these designs calling your name??  Tell me about it in the comments!  Happy weekend!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Confessional Friday...on Wednesday

So I LOVE the Confessional Friday posts I've been reading!  But I also love my Friday Favorites link ups.
So what’s a girl to do?  I know!  Wild Wednesday Confessions!  Or Wacky Wednesday Confessions?  Hmm.  I’ll just stick with Confessional Friday... On Wednesday.

I confess that I have, on occasion, worn a pair of maternity pants to work when I was NOT pregnant.  They are just so stretchy and comfy!!! 

No, this isn't me. But it totally could be!
Image courtesy of

I confess that I am obsessed with TV.  Like if the power goes out, I go nuts.  When we moved into our house we had to wait 3 days for the cable to get hooked up.  Those were not good times.  Not.good.times.  

I confess that I am watching Better Call Saul and I am loving it!  We were big Breaking Bad fans and were so sad when it ended.  But now we’re happy again!!    

I confess that I am terrified of the dentist.  Like I didn't go for MANY years kind of terrified.  Like crying and cold sweats kind of terrified.  I think it all stems from my experience wearing braces as a kid and the super mean and nasty dentist I went to!  When I finally went again, I was sure that my teeth were falling out.  I was preparing myself for the news that I would need dentures.  Well, they WERE NOT falling out and I DID NOT need dentures.  I guess you could say I over-reacted just a wee bit (hello irrational thoughts).  And for the past few years,  I have gone to the dentist for checkups and cleanings as recommended.  But I still get anxiety about it.  Not the cray-cray kind of anxiety I had before, but let’s just say I’m still not “crazy” about the dentist!

I confess that I was shopping a friend's baby registry tonight and it made me want another baby.  For about 5 seconds.  OK, honestly I think it would be so fun to have 3 kids and I would love to try for a girl.  But... I am sooooooooo tired with just my 2 boys!!  And stressed.  And busy.  AND I turn 40 next year (gasp).  So I can say with confidence my baby making days are done.  Which makes me a little sad.  And a little not.  :)

OK friends- I want to hear one of your confessions!!  Comment away!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Favorites! And a not so favorite

I can’t wait to share my Friday faves with you!  But first, I must share with you 1 Friday UNFAVORITE. 

Friday’s High and low temperatures:
Nome, Alaska:  36/32
Marshall, Alaska:  39/35
Barrow, Alaska: -1/-6
MY CITY:  Albany, NY: 13/-8  That is NEGATIVE 8 degrees

Do you know where Barrow, AK is?  It is 320 miles NORTH of the arctic circle! 
The forecasted low in Albany for Friday is 2 degrees colder than in Barrow Alaska!! WHAT?!?!?!
OK, end rant.  

On to my faves!!

Number 1:  Valentine’s day of course!
Chocolate covered strawberries, flowers, heart shaped pancakes and cute kids.    Enough said.

Number 2:  Sale finds at Hobby Lobby
I am really more of a Michaels girl, but every once in a while I like to check out what’s new and exciting at Hobby Lobby.  I happened to be driving past HL this week, so decided to take a peek.  All their Easter items were 40% off!  Woo hoo!  I picked up some super cute Easter garland and rabbits.  Sorry, no pics.  That will be for my Easter decor post!  But... check out this super cute Carrot garland!  I didn't get it, but I am seriously considering going back Saturday to pick it up!

Number 3: Starbucks Tiramisu latte
OMG, have you tried this yet?  I had my first one today and it is AMAZING.  Try it.  Trust me.

Number 4:  Toms on sale on Zulily (and YES they are still on sale)!!
Woo hooo... so happy I checked my email and saw this sale!  I got a pair of desert wedges and some wedge sandals cuz summer has to come sometime, right???  

Number 5: My newest Jamicure
I know, I know.  Enough with the Jamberrys!  But I really do love them!!  This is Serendipity, the February Sisters' Style wrap.  I am in love.    

I also want to tell you that Jamberry is retiring over 100 designs on Feb 28th!!!  So to give these gorgeous jams a proper goodbye, I'm having a Going, Going, GONE party where you can win some awesome prizes!!!
ANYONE who places an order will be entered to win the following:
$150 in party sales...Plum Application kit
$250 in party sales... Jamberry Heater
$400 in party sales... 2 sheets of nail wraps
$500 in party sales... a 3 month stylebox subscription!!

So... if some of your faves are on the cut list, now is the time to order.  OR, if you just love Jamberrys and want the chance to win some awesome prizes, shop my party!  Here is the link:
Kim's Going Going GONE party!

Thank you for your support!!!!  Have a lovely weekend!!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Randomness Volume 2

Are you ready for a whole lot of random, silly facts about me?  Well OK- here you go!

Randomness 1:  I have watched Anne of Green Gables at least 100 times.  And I plan on watching it 100 more!  Oh how I love Gilbert Blythe!!!

Randomness 2:  I will not eat a pork chop.  Or a pork roast.  Or a ham.  But I WILL eat (and LOVE) bacon!!  Along those same lines, I will not eat steak, but I will eat a hamburger.

Randomness 3:  The accent color in my kitchen is orange.  I'm not typically a huge fan of orange, but I love it in my kitchen!

Randomness 4:  My favorite flowers are Gerber daisies and Irises.

Randomness 5:  When I go to Red Lobster, I order chicken.  When I go to a fish fry (do y'all have those or is that a northern thing??) I order a hot dog.  And let me tell you, the hot dogs at Ted's Fish Fry are goooood!!

Randomness 6:  I love Barry Manilow.  I have confessed this before on the blog.  But in case you missed that post, I will confess it again.  And my wonderful hubby got me tickets to see him at Foxwoods in March.  AND he has agreed to go to the concert with me.  Can you believe it (I think the fact that he can gamble before and after the concert really helps)!!

Randomness 7:  I have a cat named Amity.  She is named Amity after the movie Amityville Horror. She is literally insane and quite possibly possessed.

Randomness 8:  My friend Linda in NC introduced me to Bojangles.  I am now obsessed with Bojangles and considering driving the 13 hours from NY to NC just to get some Bo-berry biscuits and those hash browns with the little onions in them.  Come to NY Bojangles!!!!

Randomness 9:  I have read the book, "Are you there God?   It's me, Margaret" at least 50 times. Growing up I LOVED this book.  Judy Blume is the best.

Randomness 10:   I come from a small town.  Like a very small town.  Like not even 30 people in my graduating class small town.  Growing up, I could not wait to get out of this small town.  I just knew I was meant to live in the city- and a big city at that.  Well guess what...I am now living in ANOTHER small town!  Not quite as small as the one I grew up in, but small nonetheless.  And honestly, I would not have it any other way!  But that is an entire blog post that I will someday write!

OK- there you have it!!!  Some total randomness about little ole me!  Now, please share something random about yourself in the comments below!!!

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life lately and some awesome weather

To all my Southern friends and readers...  are you jealous????  The low tonight is going to be -11. And that is BEFORE the windchill!!!  According to my weatherman:   WIND CHILL WARNING  is in effect from 10 am today until noon Monday: The combination of bitterly cold air and very strong wind will result in wind chill values between 15 and 35 below zero on Sunday and 25 to 55 below zero Sunday night. 
All I can say is AWESOME.  And that I feel so bad for those of you that are wearing shorts and T-shirts today and are probably going to sweat a little when you go outside.  If you are looking to cool down a little, c'mon up to New York!!!

OK, all kidding aside.  I honestly don't typically mind the cold.  Sometimes I think it actually feels really good and refreshing.  But -35F wind chill?  Yeah.  That's even too cold for me!  I am pretty sure I am not leaving the house AT ALL today.  I am so thankful I have a warm house to cozy up in with my babies.  I pray that everyone who does not have a home will find shelter and warmth tonight. 

So, on to other topics.  I am feeling quite accomplished because it's 10:15am on February 15th and I have already taken down all my Valentine's day decor and put up my St. Patty's decorations! MAYBE my V day decor consisted of 2 wreaths which I replaced with 2 St. Patty's wreaths.  And maybe it took me all of 5 minutes.'s still done!!  :)  If it ever warms up, maybe I will head to Michael's and pick up a few more things (shamrocks, etc) to make it a little more festive.  Or maybe not.  We'll see!!

In other news, I realized I have totally failed at my weekly recipe posting.  BUT... I have made some really good stuff recently!  Last weekend was homemade chicken & biscuits and chocolate chip M&M V day cookies.  

It was also Alec's first time at the movie theatre.  We took the boys to see the SpongeBob movie.  It was a hit!

Friday night we celebrated Valentines day.  The kids got heart shaped pancakes and the hubby got chicken parm.

These 2 will always be my Valentines!  Love these boys more than life itself!!

 My gifts from the hubs... he did good!  There are chocolate covered strawberries in that box.  YUM.

Then on Saturday we drove north and visited the in-laws.  We all went out for lunch at our favorite Plattsburgh restaurant, The Butcher Block. Soooo good!

Well friends, that's it for today!  I think you are pretty much caught up on life around here lately.  Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend and wishing you a fun and stress-free week!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mug O'Comfort Swap!!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Mug swaps?  Or Cheer exchanges?  Or really ANYTHING that involves meeting a fellow blogger and sending them something fun through snail mail (and receiving something fun too)!?!?!?  Well- I DO!!!  So when I heard about the Mug O’Comfort Swap that Chaotic Goddess Swaps is hosting, I had to sign up!

You should sign up too!!  Here are the details:

Your Swap Objective:
Get to know your fantastic partner and send them an awesome package that has a mug and other mug-related goodies. Goodies can include things like treats, cocoa, coffee, tea, etc.

Dates to Remember:
·         Sign-Ups Start: Monday, February 9th.
·         Sign-Ups End: Monday, February 16th.
·         Giveaway Ends: Tuesday, February 17th.
·         Partners Assigned: Wednesday, February 18th.
·         Packages Ship: by or on Saturday, March 7th.
·         Show-Off Link Opens: Wednesday, March 11th.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Last call!!!

Friends- I just have to let you know...
In preparation for the new Jamberry Spring/Summer catalog, over 100 designs are RETIRING on 2/28!!! Are any of your favorites on the list? Make sure to stock up on the ones you love before they are gone for GOOD!!!

Order yours today at:

Also, I saw a sneak peek of the new styles and they are AMAZING!!!   The new spring/summer styles will be available for purchase on 3/1/15.  Who wants to have an online party and score some of the new wraps for FREE???  Contact me today if you're interested in hosting.  I still have some availability for March parties!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Friday Favorites...Star Wars and more!

Friday Favorites

I'm back!  Did you miss me?  Did you know I was gone?  Well, in any case, let's get down to my favorites of the week!!!

Birthday Party!
Saturday afternoon Nick had 5 of his friends over for a Star Wars themed birthday party!
The invite

Party favors

Hershey bar in the wrapper on the left, microwave popcorn in the wrapper on the right.  These are all Nick's favorites!  And who knew they made Birthday cake M&Ms?!?!

The birthday boy the morning of his party

Funny story about these cupcakes- long story short, the dog ate the first batch and these were quickly made about an hour before the party.  I didn't frost them.  I frost much better than that!  :)

Darth Vader cake of course!

Blowing out his candles

We had a pinata, played pin the tail on the donkey, and let the kids run around the house with capes, Darth Vader and Storm Trooper masks, and foam light sabers.  It was mayhem, but the kids loved it!

My new Devotional Bible
I am soo excited to start reading!!!  This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I am so happy to start!

New Bracelet
If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you already know I LOVE Stella & Dot.   Well, this may be my new favorite piece- the Interlock Cross Bracelet.  It's $39, pretty, simple, and feminine.

New Wallet
Sorry, more Stella & Dot but they just have so much good stuff!!  This is the Chelsea Tech wallet in Wild Hearts.  And guess what- this pattern is on sale for $29.50 (from $59)!!!   LOVE!!

So how was your week?  Any plans for the weekend?  I'm thinking of maybe taking Nick to the new SpongeBob movie.  Anyone else headed out to see it?

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