Thursday, March 19, 2015

Friday Favorites of course!

It's that time again.... Friday Favorites!  I am sooo ready for the weekend, how about you??

Favorite Number 1:  These crazy cuties
I love dressing my boys in some holiday flair!!  I'm not sure how much longer my 5 year old will let me do this, so I'm savoring it while he'll still indulge me!

Favorite Number 2:  My St. Patty's Day Jamicure
I love this combo!  I think it will be my new spring go-to Jamicure!

Favorite Number 3:  New Panera Sandwich
This actually used to be in Panini form but they switched it to a flatbread.  Good move Panera!  It is DELISH!!  And... it's only 350 calories.

Favorite Number 4:  31 Hang Up Home Organizer
I went to a 31 party last week and fell in love with this organizer (the item in the middle).  My wonderful hubby just put together my new desk last weekend and I am soo excited to hang this up and finally get some of my things better organized!  This is the exact pattern I got but if it's not your cup of tea, they have it in 3 other designs.

Favorite Number 5:  Down comforter and duvet cover
I've pretty much been either a plain old comforter or quilt girl all my life.  But for the past few months, I've reallly wanted to try a down comforter with duvet cover.  But I just couldn't find one I really loved, at least not at the price I wanted to pay.  I searched Pier One, Pottery Barn, JC Penny, Target, Overstock, Amazon, etc.  Then last week I came across The Company Store.  Am I the only one who hasn't heard of this place?  Anyway, I found the perfect duvet cover (on sale too... woo hoo!) and a really nice white down comforter from Overstock.  I put everything on my bed the other day and ohhhh myyyy.... it is SO COMFORTABLE!  Like I never want to get out of bed comfortable!

They must have sold out of the exact one I got, but this is pretty much it (except the flowers on mine are in blue)
Link HERE if you're interested

Favorite Number 6:  Waffle Faces!!
My 5 year old has a thing about making his food match the way it looks on the box.  
We had to improvise a little on this one... He substituted a tomato for the blackberry and marshmallows for the blueberries.  And yes, he ate it all!!

The box version
Nick's version

Well, that's it folks!  Any big plans for the weekend?  Other than soccer on Saturday morning, we literally have ZERO plans.  And since we have zero plans, I am going to be trying very hard to convince my husband to paint our bedroom (I've had the paint since summer!!!).  I'll be sure to let you know on Monday how that all works out!  :)  Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Cheer Exchange!

Honestly, it has not been very “Springy” around here!  It’s been cold and snowy for longer than I can remember!!
We did have 1 day last week that nearly reached 50 degrees and it was heaven!!   And.... some of the snow melted and I can see grass (brown and dead grass, but still grass!).  But this week, it’s been back to cold and windy.  Right now it’s 29 degrees with a wind chill of 17.  Ugh.  HOWEVER... something happened on Monday that completely got me feeling Spring!  I received the most awesome cheer package from Jenny at Much Ado About Jenny!
I opened the box and immediately the pretty pink and yellows in it caught my eye.  I dove in and literally pulled out one surprise after another!  This was the PERFECT spring cheer box!! 
Check out all this awesomeness:

I literally love every.single.thing. she sent me!!  The clipboard (loooove the pattern), the nail polish (perfect spring colors), the magazine, the lip balm, the Cosmos kit, the MASON JAR cup.  Do you know what Jenny put INSIDE the cup?? Chocolates!!  YES!!  Everything is just so spring and it is all stuff I just adore and will absolutely use.

Thank you Jenny and thanks to Rachel and Astleigh for this awesome exchange!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Friday Favorites-so much to love!

It's my favorite time of the week... Friday Favorite time!!!  I hope you all had an amazing week.  Here's a look at my favorites!

Number 1: My new kitchen tablet holder
I am so happy to have this!  It's such a pain laying my tablet on the counter when I am trying to follow a recipe.  It usually ends up covered in egg.  Or sugar.  Or something gross. I picked this one out from DopfelDesigns and I love how it turned out!

Number 2:  These cute bunnies
Kathy from cookiedoughcreations makes the BEST salt dough ornaments.  I think this is my 10th purchase from her. I can't wait to decorate with these for Easter!

Number 3:  Mug O'Comfort Swap
Have you participated in any of the Chaotic Goddess swaps?  This was my first one and I can tell you it won't be the last!!  For this swap, I was paired up with Kenzie from Chasing My Extraordinary and she sent me this amazing mug and goodies...

Number 4: Typography art wood sign
I love this verse and this came out SO good.  I'll be hanging this up in my bedroom this weekend. If you are looking for something similar, check out Petunia Fitzgerald Creations on Etsy.

Number 5:  Snail Mail Care Package!
I received this awesome package from my AMAZING blogger friend, Cindy.  Cindy is such an awesome and beautiful person (inside AND out) and I am so happy we have become friends!  This is honestly the BEST package I have ever received!

Enjoy your weekend friends!  Do you have anything exciting planned?  We've got a busy day Saturday (soccer, the Disney Junior Show- Pirates and Princesses! and dinner out) and a pretty laid back Sunday.  Maybe I'll even get to sleep in!!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mug O' Comfort Swap Reveal!

Today is the day!!  The Mug O' Comfort Swap reveal!  I was so excited to participate in my first swap with Chaotic Goddess Swaps.  I can tell you this, it will definitely NOT be my last!!  Sending and receiving snail mail is so much fun, and I had such a great time picking out a mug and goodies to send to my partner!

I was paired up with the adorable and sweet Kenzie from Chasing My Extraordinary.  Kenzie is a boy mom and a hot chocolate lover just like me, so I knew we were a good match!  Check out what she sent me:

Do you see that Dunkin Donuts chocolate glazed donut coffee?  Well, I never told Kenzie that is my absolute favorite donut, but I guess somehow she just knew!!  I cannot wait to try out this coffee!  I didn't even know they made it in that flavor!!

Ok, on to the mug.  I LOVE tall mugs, and I was so excited to get this because my one and only tall mug broke a few weeks ago!!  I love the color and pattern on this and plan on using it TONIGHT for my evening cup of hot cocoa!

Ohhh... and that purple nail polish. I ADORE purple and will absolutely be using this (maybe under some of my clear Jamberry wraps)!

I love everything that Kenzie sent me and am so happy we got paired up together!  I can't wait for the next swap!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend Update

Did y'all spring your clocks forward?  Good thing my mom reminded me about this on Saturday, because I had NO IDEA!  I wonder how many people will be an hour late to work tomorrow?  There's always someone!

But, on to the weekend...

Friday morning started off with these crazies in my car.  :)   And let me tell you, he was NOT happy when we got to daycare and he had to ditch those orange goggles!!

Friday night I headed to my friend's 31 party. Other than spilling my sangria on her floor, it was a lovely time!   Hubs was at his own function so we had our friend Miss Christy come over and watch the boys.  They still have not stopped talking about all the fun they had with Miss Christy!

Saturday morning we started up Soccer Tots again.  We attempted to enroll Alec in a class.  Let's just say it did not go well.  Looks like Nick will be going solo!  The afternoon was spent watching movies with the kids (Wreck it Ralph), snacking on popcorn, and baking cupcakes while the hubby worked diligently in the den on his college course.  Saturday night we had some delish Mexican take out, I gave myself a new jamicure, and then I fell asleep on the couch about 9pm.  Welcome to my exciting life!!  In my defense, I went to bed around midnight the night before, and then got up at 4am because Nick would not go back to sleep!!  So I was running on fumes all day!

Completely blurry action shot - Soccer Tots

My Pre- St. Patty's Day nails

Sunday the hubby let me sleep in (ahhh, heaven).  When I got up, I got the kids dressed and out of the house so he could continue working on his course (poor guy spent pretty much the entire weekend doing school work).  We had a quick lunch, then went to Michaels and got some cute craft items and Easter decorations, and then headed to Target.  We spent several minutes in the Lego aisle (of course), checked out the dollar bins (cuz you just have to!) and picked up a couple things I needed for dinner.  By the time we got to the checkout, Nick was whining his legs hurt and Alec was trying to climb out of the cart.  So... I didn't get my latte from Tarbucks (the Target Starbucks).  BOO

Love my new little Easter baskets from Michaels!

Once we got home, the rest of the afternoon was spent Lego building, doing laundry, catching up on blog reading, online shopping (can't wait to get my new duvet cover and pillows!!!) and watching Octonauts, Teen Titans and Winnie the Pooh.

Sunday dinner was foil packet Italian chicken.  Have you ever cooked with foil?  I love it!  It's quick, easy, and there is virtually NO clean up!  I normally cook the foil packets on the grill, but since my grill is still covered in snow, I just popped it in the oven.

Before cooking- right before I folded it all up into a nice little packet

The finished product
Sometime this week I'll post the recipe.  It's perfect for a busy weeknight and really the variations are endless!

So friends, how was your weekend?  Any big plans for the week?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wild Wednesday Confessions- Round 2

I'm back for another round of Wild Wednesday Confessions!!

WW Confession 1:  I confess that I rarely make my bed.  It gets made when I change the sheets, when company comes over, and on Saturday or Sunday when I do a deep clean of the house.  So that's once (MAYBE twice) a week.  But in my defense, my weekday mornings are so busy trying to get myself and 2 kids out the door and to work/daycare that I really just don't have the time.  I mean, I suppose I could get up 3 minutes earlier in the morning and make the time, but who wants to do that???
Not my bed, but you get the gist

WW Confession 2:  I confess I really am loving these dark chocolate crunch Cheerios.  Additionally, since the box says it contains 5 whole grains, I am telling myself that not only are these Cheerios healthy, but also nutritious! Never mind that the 2nd listed ingredient on the box is sugar!

WW Confession 3:  I confess that scalloped shingles freak me out.  They remind me of fish scales.  Or a mermaid tail.  Something about them just makes me feel weird.

WW Confession 4:  I confess that I LOVE Easter egg trees!  My husband hates them and thinks they are trashy.  I think he is wrong!!  If the snow ever melts, I'm doing one this year!

WW Confession 5: I confess that when I wake up at 3am and can't get back to sleep, I come downstairs, sit on the couch, check out Pinterest and have a bowl of ice cream.  Sometimes it's the best part of my day!

Ok, you know the drill.  Tell me one of your confessions!