Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's up Wednesday!

Linking up with Mel, Shay and Shaeffer today for their What's Up Wednesday series!

Here's what we're.....

EATING:  I'm finishing up my Home Chef box.  So far, it's been a winner!  I've tried Hello Fresh and Home Chef, and I think I prefer Home Chef.  The meal selections are just more in line with what I like.
Want $30 off your first box??  Just use my referral link!

REMINISCING ABOUT:  Our trip to Disney.   A few of my friends are at Disney right now for winter break, and I have to admit, I am jealous!

LOVING:  These warmer temps.  It's going to be 61 here tomorrow!  I've had my snow, now bring on spring!

BEEN UP TO:  Lots of soccer tournaments, birthday parties, and pinning!

DREADING:  Cleaning.  The boys' rooms are disasters!

WORKING ON:  My Happiness Lists journal.  If you don't have one, grab one!

EXCITED ABOUT:  Going to the movies with Nick today to see Lego Batman.

WATCHING/READING:  Watching- lots and lots of Walking Dead!  We've been binge watching on Netflix and are on Season 6.  What a great show!    Reading- Getting ready to read "The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper."    

LISTENING TO:  80's and 90's tunes.  Nothing current on the radio is striking my fancy right now.

WEARING:  Some new Lularoe pieces I picked up, and Old Navy.  I go in phases with Old Navy.  As in, I don't like a thing they have for several years, and then I love them.  Right now, I'm loving them again.

DOING THIS WEEKEND:  Soccer (of course), cleaning, dinner out, and maybe a day trip to see the in-laws.  

LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH:  Trip to Newport, RI with one of my besties!  We are staying at an awesome hotel and will be hitting the spa, shopping, and eating our faces off!  I can't wait!

WHAT ELSE IS NEW:  I've got our spring and summer family trips planned.  We'll be heading to Great Wolf Lodge, Wildwood, and Maine this year.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Your Facebook posts are annoying me

Did your Facebook feed get clogged up with pictures of flowers on Valentine’s day?  With girls saying things like, “I’m so lucky!  I’m so spoiled!  What a great man I have!  My honey is the best!”  Did you find it completely annoying and over the top?  I might have.

Now if I’m being honest, YES I have posted pictures of flowers I’ve received in the past.  They may have even been Valentine’s day flowers.  And also if I’m being honest, I love Valentine’s day!  I love the little cards, I love the hearts, I love the chocolate covered strawberries, and I love the whole idea of celebrating the people you love.  But, enough is enough.  It’s time for a little dose of reality friends.

Do you truly think you are “lucky” because your significant other gave you roses on a day when the expectation is you give your significant other roses?   A day where it is basically mandated you give your lady a gift?  Why is that lucky?  Why does that make you spoiled?  Why does that make your man amazing?  He didn’t buy you those flowers out of the kindness of his heart.  He bought them because it is DICTATED he do so on February 14th.  And because if he didn’t, there will be hell to pay (my husband got me NOTHING for our 1st Vday as a married couple and I went nuts on him.  In his defense, we did move into our house that weekend but still....).

What I think makes you lucky is having a man who respects you, cares for you, and takes care of you.  A man who will cook dinner when you’re too tired (or at least pays for the take out), runs the kids to practice when you want to stay late a work or go to the gym, a man who will put a blanket over you if you fall asleep on the couch so you don’t get cold.  A man who brings you Starbucks at work because he knows you are having a bad day.  A man who sends you flowers on some random day to say thank you for being a great mom and wife.  A guy who is honest and dependable.  Who listens to you and respects you. 

I don’t begrudge those ladies that got those beautiful bouquets on Valentine’s day.  Who wouldn’t want those gorgeous flowers?  I just hope those “lucky” girls are lucky for the right reasons.  Having a man give you a dozen long stemmed roses on February 14th might make you happy for the day, but how is he treating you on February 13th and 15th?  What about June 16th?  That’s what’s important.  That’s what matters. 

Oh, and while we are talking Facebook posts, let me just ask a question.  Why are you posting on Facebook how much you loooove your man and tagging him in the post, when you live in the same house together???  You live together, can’t you just walk into the living room and tell him that?  Or gosh, if it’s that hard to get up, just text him.  But why the obsession with everyone on FB knowing how in love you are?   Am I right?

Thanks for listening to my Tuesday Talk!  I feel so much better now!  :)

P.S. All the political posts are annoying me too!  Just post pics of your kids and cute puppies from now on please!  And maybe hot fireman.  Yeah, hot fireman are OK too.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A quick catch-you-up

I was almost scared to pull up the blog this morning and see just how long it's been since my last post!  Yup, it's been a while.  
So let's catch you up on life around here!

We've had 2 birthday parties:

We've had fun in the snow:

We've played lots of soccer:

Had a mother-son brunch date:

Yearly checkups:

I've worked on my happiness lists and read lots of Liane Moriarty books:

And got out for a fun girls night:

We had a fun family Valentine's dinner at Cracker Barrel (nothing says romance like Cracker Barrel!  Hahaha), made heart cookies for pre-school, wrote out tons of Valentines cards and put together goodie bags!  I also got a lovely necklace from my hubby which I've been wearing non-stop.

And that pretty much catches you up!  This week the kids are off school.  They'll spend a couple days at their Grandparents and Wednesday I'll be taking Nick and a friend to see the Lego Batman movie.  Wish me luck!

I hope 2017 has treated you all well so far!  The countdown to spring is on!  Woo hoo! I can't wait for some green grass, daffodils and tulips!

I do plan on posting this week, so please be sure to stop by again soon!