Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday Favorites!

It's finally Friday!  Hooray!   Hope you all like what I've got up on the blog today. And if you do, don't be afraid to leave a comment or follow me!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Number 1:  Favorite hotel/lodge/resort -- The Whiteface Lodge - Lake Placid, NY





The hubs and I have been making this our annual anniversary spot.   This place is AMAZING.  No exaggeration.  The pictures don’t even do it justice.  I could spend the entire day just laying around in the room, basking in the ambience!    It’s beautiful, it’s relaxing, and there is also a ton of stuff to do on the property (bowling alley, ice cream shop, movie theatre, pool, nightly smores, day spa).  The cheapest rooms typically start at$350-$400, but we’ve been able to find online deals for $170!   It’s a true mountain paradise. 

Number 2:  Favorite Girls day out  --  New York City!

We saw Chicago on our last girls day out

It’s a 2 hour and 20 minute train ride for me into the city.  There’s nothing I love more than getting some girls together and heading down for some shopping, theatre, and good food (and yes, some NY style cheesecake too!).

Number 3:  Favorite City to visit -- Montreal
Notre Dame Basilica

Montreal was a quick 1 hour trip from where I went to college.  I loved going up for concerts, hockey games, baseball games (anybody remember the Montreal Expos??), shopping and french food of course!  It's a beautiful city, especially Old Montreal (who doesn't love cobblestone streets!).  My husband and I try to make it up there at least once a year; sometimes for the Montreal Jazz Fest or sometimes just to relax.  I am looking forward to taking the boys there soon to see the Biodome and the Botanical Gardens.

Number 4:  Favorite Girls Night Out (Restaurant) -- The Melting Pot

Um, dipping things in cheese and chocolate with your best girlfriends??  Where can you go wrong?!?!?

Number 5:  Favorite Girls Night Out (Activity) --Art on Tap

Or Paint N Sip, Paint on Tap or any of the other countless name variations out there!
I suck at art.  Like really suck.  But somehow, I made a picture that looked half way decent at Art on Tap.  In case you aren't familiar with this concept, you basically hang 0ut with some fun people, paint a picture (following the direction of the teacher), and sip some cocktails!  It's a lot of fun, even if you don't enjoy art!  I promise!! 
This was my class in the pic below.  Can you find me?  :)

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  1. Sounds like you're aching for a girls night out! And, perhaps, some time in NYC :)


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  3. Looks like a fun girls night out! I've never been to NY, but have always wanted to go!
    The Whiteface Lodge looks breath taking!

  4. Love visiting New York City!!


  5. That vacation spot looks amazing!!! Happy Friday!

  6. Stopping by from the link up :) Love NYC and The Melting Pot is seriously my favorite restaurant! YUM! Have a great weekend!

  7. Looks like so much fun!
    Stop by my blog for a linkup every Friday!

  8. Thanks for linking up! That resort looks absolutely amazing... and I could really go for a girls night at Melting Pot right now!

  9. Jealous that you were able to visit Montreal so often! I'd love to explore the east coast of both the US and Canada!