Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016 Holiday Bucket List

The holidays for me are all about making magic for my kiddos.  I try to plan fun experiences and activities that they will look back on fondly when they are all grown up.  Here is my list for this year.  I hope we can get to most, if not all of it!

2016 Holiday Bucket list

1. Make Christmas Cookies
2. Read Christmas books at bedtime
3.  Holiday lights in the park
4.  Go on the Santa Express
5.  Make reindeer food
6.  Sing Christmas carols
7.  Help a family in need
8.  Donate to the animal shelter
9.  Christmas movies, popcorn, PJs and cocoa day!
10.  Make Christmas gifts for the grandparents
11.  Christmas crafts
12. Decorate a gingerbread house (or Gingerbread cookies)
13.  Attend Christmas activities at the library
14.  Breakfast with Santa

And just for me:
1.  Mail out holiday cards
2.  Have a date night with the hubby 
3.  Enjoy some early mornings- just me, the tree, and a cup of coffee!

What's on your list this year?


  1. I love taking time this month to do special things. One of my fave parts of working for a university is that extra holiday time at Christmas!

  2. Good list sweetie. We have been doing number one almost daily here! We did number 3 last week. Number seven was wrapped up last week! I registered us for number 14 this week. Thanks for giving me a check list hahaha!

  3. I donate to the animal shelter every Christmas in honor of my dog, Milo, who passed away in 2013. This year I hope to pick a new shelter since I always give to the same one! Thought I'd share the love!

  4. Love the ideas and I find it is helpful to have a list so that the season doesn't pass by too quickly. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Holiday cards? What are those? Have fun, sounds like an awesome list!

  6. Great list! You know, I haven't done a lot of those things. Maybe this year I'll make a gingerbread house.