Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Favorite Holiday Books for Kids

One of the (many) wonderful things about the holiday season is all the fun books we can read with our kids!  Today I am sharing with you a few of our favorites, and a few we are hoping to check out this year.

Our Favorites:

1.  Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
My 6 year old loves the Pete the Cat series and this book is no exception.  Santa isn't feeling well so Pete the Cat has to help him out!

2.  Llama Llama Holiday Drama.
This is a favorite for my 3 year old.  As usual, baby Llama is having problems being patient...this time he just can't wait for Christmas to come!

3.  Who is Coming to Our House?
This is great book for the little ones to introduce them to the Christmas Story.

4.  Bear Stays Up For Christmas
This year, bear's friends are determined he gets to experience Christmas!  Fun illustrations, great rhymes and a sweet story.

5.  The Night Before Christmas ('Twas the Night Before Christmas)
The classic Christmas book. This is the book I remember from my childhood Christmases, and every time I read it to me children, it brings back such wonderful memories!  We try to read this to the kids every Christmas Eve.

6.  Snowmen at Christmas
Have you ever wondered what snowmen do at Christmas?  Now's your chance to find out!  I love the illustrations in this book.

Number 6:  The Gingerbread Man Loose at Christmas
This has just recently been added to our collection but has already become a favorite!  A cute story with a good message, and fun illustrations to boot.

And here are a few books we are hoping to check out this year:

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add to your Christmas book collection (and have children in school), I highly recommending ordering through Scholastic.  You know... those stapled together little book magazines your kid brings home and you're tempted to just throw out!  We have gotten so many great books through Scholastic at great prices.  And if your child's school/teacher have an account set up, your order will help earn your school or classroom free books.  Win-Win!

Do you have any suggestions for me?  I am always on the lookout for great books to add to our collection!


  1. My kids love the Pete books. I need to grab that Christmas one for them!

  2. What a great roundup! We dont have ANY of these books and I love a bunch of those authors!

  3. Those are FABULOUS books! The teacher in me really loves this post. Scholastic is also fabulous as it rewards the teacher and school through student orders. Great job, Kim!