Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Total Tuesday Randomness

Total Tuesday randomness from the mind of yours truly...

--I am so excited for the new X-files!!  Wouldn't it be fun to host an X-files viewing party?  I mean, not for ME to host one, but for SOMEONE to host one and invite me!

--Today I looked into taking a crocheting class at JoAnn Fabric.  Does this make me sound old?  It makes me FEEL old.  But I really want to make some blankets and scarves!  Wish I had paid better attention when my Grandma tried to teach me. Maybe a quilting class too.  Yeah, I just said that.

--I have become obsessed with Tiny House Hunters on HGTV.  Would I ever live in a tiny house...heck no!  But I love the idea of them!

--I really like weather.  I have been known in the past to watch the weather channel for hours on end if there is a severe weather event happening.  I also like to check and see what the weather is like where my friends live.  And just random places in general.   Like Nome.  And Kirabati.

--Our house is officially de-Christmased!  I love the Christmas season and how festive the tree and decorations make the house look, but come January, I am ready for it to GO.  My rooms also seem so much bigger without all the Christmas clutter!

--This past Saturday we had Alec's birthday party.  How darn cute is this kid in his Paw Patrol shirt (Thank you Moon Pie designs)!  I also love how his cake turned out!

--I just love, love, love my dog Daisy.  She has fit into our home perfectly.  Rescue dogs are the best!

--There are rumors swirling that Chick-fil-A is coming to town...Oh, I hope it's true!  Now I just have to convince BoJangles to open a store up here!

---The Target dollar spot rocks.  And I love my new mug from Target (not from the dollar spot).  

Happy Tuesday friends!

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  1. I'm a weather nerd too! If you get a CFA before I do then I'm going to be a little ill!!! Our closest one is 20 minutes away. That is too far for my fresh market salad! I may have hit up the Valentines Dollar Spot...maybe, you'll see on Thursday lol. xo Amanda