Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites of course!

Who's ready for some Friday favorites??  

1. Double Rainbow!
Sunday was a crazy weather day...we had a winter thunderstorm and then... a double rainbow!  I went out on my deck to snap this pic, and saw 2 of my neighbors out taking pictures too!  This is not something you usually see in upstate New York in January!

2.  Crazy kids
These kids sure do make me laugh!  They LOVE playing dress up- anytime, anywhere!

3.  Taylor Swift
I have tried to hide this.  I even tried to convince myself that what I was feeling wasn't real.  But I can't deny it anymore.  I like Taylor Swift's music!  I am sooo loving her newest song, Wildest Dream!  I may even look into going to a concert... me and the tweens!

4. Target dollar spot finds
Raise your hand if you love the Target Dollar spot!  You raised your hand, didn't you?  :)  The only problem is that multiple  $1, $3 and $5 finds do add up to MANY dollars!  But hey...look at all the cute things I got!  The cute mug is from Target too...not the dollar spot but it was only $4.99! ♡♡

5. Pop Sugar subscription box
The hubs got me a Pop Sugar subscription box for Christmas and the December and January boxes have been amazing!   It's the gift that keeps on giving!  I was so excited to see the pink and white box waiting for me when I got home on Wednesday.   Here's some of what I received :

Bonus Favorite:
As some of you know, I am a 31 consultant on the side.  Well, my 31 friend Mary Ann and I teamed up in the hopes of spreading some joy and smiles this Valentine's day.  We are doing a fundraiser called Cupid's Care package.  I'm horrible at paraphrasing so here's the description from my Facebook group:
I'm joining my friend Mary Ann for a wonderful event this month! We want to donate as many Oh-Snap Bins as possible filled with goodies to members of a local nursing home this Valentine's Day!
So, please, for just $12 let's bring that unexpected smile to someone's face this Valentine's Day! With every sponsored Oh-Snap Bin your First Name and City, State will be attached wishing a special senior a Happy Valentine's Day from YOU! 

We are using our commissions on these sales to fill the baskets with lip balm, lotion, sugar free candies, a comb, socks & a handmade card (our kiddos will be assisting in card making and the delivery of the items).  I am so excited to be doing this and to hopefully make Valentine's day a little brighter for some of our local seniors!

Well friends, I hope you all have an amazing weekend!  We have absolutely nothing planned at the moment and after a bit of a rough week, that sounds absolutely perfect!  See ya next week!

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  1. Happy Friday to you, Kimberly!! Hooray for that gorgeous double rainbow, fun with your kiddos, fab dollar spot finds (Target gets me every time!) and PopSugar goodness!! How thoughtful of your hubby as that truly is the gift that keeps on giving! :) Have a lovely weekend ahead!
    xo - Brenda //

  2. I am obsessed with the target dollar spot, exp around Valentines day! They have the cutest stuff!

  3. Oh those boxes get me...I may ask for a subscription for Mother's Day! xo Amanda

  4. What a great Friday favorites! Haven't the target bins been wonderful lately, so much cuteness and cute Valentine's Day stuff! I gotta admit, I'm a T Swift fan too and wildest dreams is absolutely one of my favorites!! A double rainbow just makes me smile and I hope you have lots of smiles on your pretty face this weekend

  5. I have such a love hate relationship with the Dollar Spot - it always had SOMEthing.

  6. I'm a Target dollar spot stalker! I go in sometimes just to see if they've switched over the items to the next season/event!

  7. The double rainbow was amazing! I love blessings like that after a storm. The dollar spot is a dangerous place for me too!

  8. I love Target's dollar spot! But yes, you're right, it can add up lol. That double rainbow was pretty awesome too!

  9. Okay I love T-Swift and I own it. Welcome to the Swift side. ;) I had no idea that PopSugar had a subscription box and now I want to try it!