Sunday, January 24, 2016

Menu planning

I have really wanted to do a weekly menu planning post, but at my house it is SO hard to come up with a weekly menu.  My husband is frequently on one diet or another... Atkins, Paleo, Ketone...and typically his diet does not jive with the foods I want to eat.  Also, I should mention that one day he will decide to just "go rogue" and eat a ton of carbs.  So add in that uncertainty, along with 2 finicky children, and any hope of a weekly menu is pretty much shot.
However, thanks to my friends at Pinterest, I think I have come up with a menu this week that will satisfy both me and my husband's Ketone diet restrictions.  The kids.... well, there's always cereal!

Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli and cheese
Tossed salad
Image result for stuffed chicken breast

Mini meatloaves (using almond flour instead of breadcumbs)
Mixed veggies

**I'm not following a specific recipe for this...just kind of winging it.  But I will be using a muffin tin to bake these babies in,
Image result for mini meatloaves

Chicken fajitas with low carb wraps
Again, no specific recipe....  y'all know what goes in fajitas!

Image result for chicken fajitas 

Scrambled eggs with spinach and feta
Turkey sausage


Image result for scrambled eggs with spinach

Chicken enchiladas (using homemade enchilada sauce and low carb wraps)

21 Day Fix Approved Chicken Enchiladas  (Homemade Sauce):

If all goes as planned, I will prep Monday and Tuesday nights dinner today.  Fingers crossed!
 What's on your menu for the coming week?  Do you have any awesome, amazing low carb-recipes you'd like to share?

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  1. Ewww diet menu planning can really throw ya off (especially for the rest of the household!) Mmm enchiladas yes! I had thought we may have a breakfast for dinner night this week but decided against it - why? I'm not sure. xoxoxo Amanda