Saturday, June 7, 2014

What I Want to Remember About Today

Today I have been trying to take notice of the small things. Things I usually take for granted that one day I will wish I had paid more attention to.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the rush of it all and what's to come, I forget to slow down and savor the moment. To BE in the moment.  To enjoy the moment.
So today I tried to be mindful of the moment.
At Nick's baseball game, I took the time to feel the sun on my face and breathe in the sweet early summer air.  To feel the blades of grass beneath my feet. To really see my son...his long lean body, his pale skin, his sparkling eyes and smile.  I took a moment to savor the fact that I am the mother of this wonderous little boy. Today I felt present in my life and not just rushing through it to get to the next moment.
As part of my quest to be more mindful of the moment, I want to start ending my posts with things from the day that I want to remember.  Not the big events; those things are easy to remember. But rather the little, seemingly inconsequential things that in the end, are the things that really matter.
What I want to remember about today:
:::Alec's giggles when I tickled him and how happy he looked sitting next to his daddy at dinner (and his flirty smiles with the couple next to us)
:::Nick really running the bases and picking me flowers during his game.  And his face covered in vanilla ice cream later.
:::How beautiful my Iris looked this morning
:::Watching the planes take off from the airport and Nick's excitement
:::Nick laying with me on the couch watching tv....the warmth of his body, his soft hair, and his little feet gently touching mine
:::Alec's baby feet and bear hugs

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