Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I made something healthy!

Can you believe it??  Hahaha I have been trying to find recipes to "up the healthy quotient" in some of my old favorites.  I found a recipe for strawberry banana muffins that looked pretty healthy (but not toooo healthy) so I gave it a try.  The main change is that you use whole wheat flour in place of white flour. Well, I wasn't brave enough to use all whole wheat flour so I used half whole wheat, half white flour.  The results?? Not that great! LOL They weren't horrible and my 18 month year old seemed to enjoy them (now there's a ringing endorsement!) but they just weren't what I had hoped for. I tried a somewhat similar muffin recipe last year that used whole wheat flour and applesauce. I ate one and threw the rest out.  I wish I could find the balance between healthy and tasty. All the healthy recipes I have tried (specifically for baking) just don't taste good.  But I shall soldier on and perhaps one day I will find the perfect muffin recipe! Or maybe I'll just give up and bake something totally  fattening and sinfully delicious!
What I want to remember about today:
::Alec saying bye bye and waving
::Nick's understanding of things that are well beyond his years
::Nick running from 2nd base to home (totally skipping 3rd) at T ball
::How full of love my heart is for these 2 boys!

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