Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Momfessional Moments!!

I'm so excited to be linking up with Andrea today to share my "Momfessional Moments!"

This is probably the most embarrassing mom moment I've had to date, although I'm sure there will be many more!

My Embarrassing mom moment
Four or five days after Alec was born, we went to the pediatrician for his first doctor's visit.  We were running late and I didn't have a lot of energy (I had just had a C-section a few days before), so I just threw on a sports bra and a sweatshirt for the appointment, along with a thick winter coat (because it was January).  It was really hot in the exam room, and just as the doctor was walking in I was taking my jacket off.
The appointment went fine.  Alec was healthy and happy.
The doctor walked out of the room and I could have sworn he was avoiding eye contact with me.
Then I figured out why.
It must have been those two huge round wet spots on my shirt right where my boobs are.
Yup, I was leaking.  A LOT.

If only I'd know about these back then!!  :)

And here are a couple confessions for you...

**On the way home from work, I occasionally stop at the McDonalds 5 minutes from my house and get a vanilla ice cream cone. Then I scarf it down really quick in my car so my kids don't see it and ask for their own cones!

**Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and eat all the Goldfish crackers.  Then when the kids ask where the Goldfish went, I say daddy ate them!

**I frequently bribe my son with the promise of a Lego I have no intention of giving him.

Thanks for the link up Andrea!  I can't wait to read everyone's Momfessional moments!!


  1. I have totally done the same thing when it comes to McDonalds.. but I get a caramel sundae.

    1. I just did it again yesterday on the way home from work!

  2. Oh, girl!!! It has happened to the best of us! hahaha
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. I love that you shared that crazy embarrassing moment sister! I'm going to have to try that McDonalds trick!!

  4. I'm with on the not sharing treats. Sometimes, I will even tell them that there is a treat that I'll share...but then I eat it. And thankfully, they have long since forgotten about the chocolate covered donuts that are up in the cabinet. Ah, well. They slowly suck my soul from my body, so we are even!

  5. Don't we all do some of this! I will eat something indulgent (chocolate, cookie, etc.) quickly and then say it's all gone. Baby Boy isn't too pleased, but he'll move on much more quickly than if I try to indulge in it. :)

    1. Sometimes I'll say whatever I'm eating has broccoli in it and then they want no part of it!