Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites and a new Facebook page!

Exciting times here on the blog!  It's Friday AND I've finally started a Facebook page!!

But... first things first...  my favorites!

#1 is definitely Mother's day.  The whole weekend was just lovely and I had such a great day Saturday with my parents and Sunday with my hubby and boys.  If you missed my post, you can read about my Mother's day HERE.  

Then this afternoon, my daycare hosted "Tea and Toddlers."  It was so sweet.  They had finger sandwiches, scones, cookies, fruit and iced tea.  And check out those cute presents they made!  LOVE my daycare!

#2 my Monogrammed sunhat!  OMG is this not gorgeous??  I plan on having this on my head every day we are in Florida!  If you would like your own (or anything else monogrammed for that matter) head on over to Honey Pie Accessories.  Elaine is awesome and does amazing work!

#3  Crab apple blossoms!!  My tree sprung to life this week with these beautiful blossoms!  Unfortunately, they only last about a week (at most) but they sure are lovely for the short time they are here!

#4 Target $1 bin finds!
Check out this haul!  Woo hoo!!!  I have visions of using those little patriotic buckets in some sort of July 4th tablescape!

#5 These crazies!

They may drive me nuts some days, and make me late for work pretty much EVERY day with their morning antics, but they are hilarious!

Ninja?  Pirate?

Refusing to smile...but then he did :)

OK- now onto the REALLY exciting stuff!!  I finally started a Facebook page for the blog and I would LOVE for you to LIKE it!!   And... once I get 100 likes I am going to have a giveaway for a $25  Starbucks gift card!  Woo hoo!!!

You can find Life as I Know it's Facebook page HERE

Thanks so much friends and have a great weekend!!

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  1. I love the Target $1 bins. I can't get out of there without spending $50 that's the only problem LOL!

  2. Without the Target dollar bin Target would be....Walmart.
    Love your 5 and YAY FOR THE FB PAGE!!!!! I may steal your idea to get some more attention over at mine. <3 Amanda

    1. Hehehe! I may have to venture into Walmart tomorrow and I am dreading it!!

  3. So cute! Love your crab apple tree blossoms. And woot for great finds from the Target bin! Gotta love when that happens! :)

    1. I don't know how I survived for so many years without Target!

  4. Love crab apple tree blossom season! I really want to get a few crab apple trees for my yard. I like your Friday favorite idea, so cute!

    1. Everything is so pretty and pink in the spring!