Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekend with my boys

I have to say, this was such a lovely weekend!  The hubs was up north hunting so it was just me and the boys.  Normally the thought of managing 2 kids, a dog, a cat and a house by myself for the weekend makes my head spin!  But somehow this weekend was different.  The boys were so well behaved and actually got along!  Was it because I bribed my son with a trip to Target to buy Legos if he behaved and was nice to his brother? Maybe.  Well, probably.   OK DEFINITELY!   But a mamas got to do what a mamas got to do.  It was actually quite amazing.   As soon as he heard "Target" and "lego" he ran upstairs, got himself dressed and cleaned his room.  And I didnt even ask him to!

Friday night we watched Monsters Inc and just relaxed.  Saturday was a busy day.  I made breakfast...pancakes, sausage and eggs.  Yum!  We bailed on soccer because it was cold and rainy.  Nick had an outdoor playdate scheduled for the afternoon but since the weather was nasty we switched it up and found a fun indoor place with tunnels, slides and nerf balls!  Nick had such a fun time!  His play date was with his bestie from his old daycare.  He has really missed him and was looking forward to playing with him all week.  The two of them ran around like crazy men and had an absolute blast!  I loved seeing Nuck so happy.   And, it was nice to sit back and relax a little bit with the other mamas!

Alec got to stay at Miss Sommer's house while Nick and I were on his playdate. It looks like Alec had a great time too!  Miss Sommer even sent us home with some cookies!

After we picked Alec up, off to Target we went!  Nick got his special Lego and I got some last minute items for dinner. We invited one of my girlfriends over and had a taco and wine party (tacos and juice for the kids)!   It was lots of fun and great to catch up with my friend!

Sunday morning daddy got home but not before we had some silly fun.

I had some alone time at the grocery store (hey, I'll take what I can get), cleaned, did laundry and all my usual Sunday chores.  We watched endless Halloween specials (Spookley at least 3 times and a Spongebob Halloween marathon), cozied up under warm blankets and just enjoyed the day together.  My favorite kind of weekend!


  1. I personally adore some alone grocery time. It looks like it was a great weekend and that is terrific. Now, here's to having a fab week!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Want those glasses he's sporting :)

  3. Ahhh.. I posted a comment on this blog post of yours too. It didn't go through? So, I typed that we sound alike, toddler boys, well, I have one, ... Target, spinning heads, haha!! ;) Glad the boys were good for you and that you had fun! Big Yay! Also, glad you had fun with your girlfriend, tacos and wine, even a BIGGER YAAAAAY!! :) Great post!!

    1. OK, I literally JUST replied to your comment and my comment didn't post either!! ahhhh!!!! Anyway, we do sound alike! Also in our love of coffee and candles!!!

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