Thursday, October 30, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's been another busy week and yet again my blog has been neglected! So today's Friday favorites also serve as a recap of the week!  Let's get started!!

1.  Haunted Hayride!

Saturday night the ladies and I went out to dinner and on a Haunted Hayride.  I'll be honest- I've been on this hayride before and thought it was a bit lame.  But still, it seemed like a really fun girls' night out!  Well, as expected, the hayride was lame.  BUT...they added some Haunted Houses you go through at the end of the hayride and those were great!  I was pleasantly surprised (and scared).  It was a great night with good friends, good food and lots of spooky scares!

Apparently if you stand in the back where I am you look like a ghost!! #badlighting

2.  Pre-Halloween Trick or Treat
Sunday we headed to my parents to celebrate my dad's birthday and also to take the kids "family" trick or treating,  Since we live about an hour and a half away from my family, I thought it would nice to have the kids dress up in their costumes so their aunts and grandparents could see them.  Aren't they adorable :)  I also LOVE this pic of Alec eating Bampa's ice cream birthday cake!

My scarecrow

The "Pirate Skeleton"

Alec lovin himself some ice cream cake!

3.  My new mug
As I mentioned last week, I was part of a mug swap hosted by A Tiny Traveler.  Well this past weekend I got my mug and I LOVE IT!!  I was also sooo excited to see it was from Rebecca from The Adventures of Bug and Boo!  I love Rebecca's blog and have so enjoyed reading and learning about her, her family, and her adventures in England and now back in the USA!  Thanks Rebecca!

4.  Treat Time
I wanted to make something cute and easy for the kids to bring to their Halloween party at daycare.  So off to Pinterest I went and found this beauty.

Well, when I went shopping for supplies (yesterday) I was on my lunch hour from work and had limited time.  I couldn't find any googly eyes at Target so I had to improvise.  So this is what I came up with.  Not quite Pinterest worthy, but a valiant effort nonetheless!

5.  Stratton Mountain Fall Festival
OK, this one wasn't technically from this past week, but it was recent and I  didn't get a chance to blog about it.  It was definitely one of my favorites from this fall!  We had a great time with our good friends, we had good food to eat, and I enjoyed some reallly good hard cider (as evidenced by the picture below)!!!  The day we spent at the mountain was the perfect fall day.  It was crisp and cool but sunny, and the leaves were at their peak.  Hubs and I sat in Adirondack chairs for a good 2 hours relaxing, listening to the live bands, and enjoying some selections from the Brewfest!

Gettin a little crazy

I forgot how good hard cider is!

Posing with the hubs
That's it for this week friends.  Can you believe it is already Halloween???  Before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas!  Yikes!  But for now, I hope you have an amazing (and safe) Halloween!  We can't wait to head out and go trick or treating!!

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  2. I love hayrides! Your kid's Halloween treat bags look good. You guys have embraced the holiday!

  3. I love hayrides! You have the cutest scarecrow and skeleton! Looks like a fabulous Friday for you. :-)

  4. Sounds like everyone is having fun! Love the googly eyes on the treat bag!

  5. Kids in costume. Perfect at all times :)


  6. I agree about the costumes. My little one has been dressing up all week and is super excited to actually go outside in her outfit tonight!! :)

  7. This looks like a week full of awesomeness! Love all the pics and fun activities ☺

  8. love the mug...owls are adorable!

  9. Looks like y'all had a fabulously funnnnn week!!! Fall can be so awesome if you embrace it ;-)