Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's up Wednesday!

Linking up with Mel, Shay and Shaeffer today for their What's Up Wednesday series!

Here's what we're.....

EATING:  I'm finishing up my Home Chef box.  So far, it's been a winner!  I've tried Hello Fresh and Home Chef, and I think I prefer Home Chef.  The meal selections are just more in line with what I like.
Want $30 off your first box??  Just use my referral link!

REMINISCING ABOUT:  Our trip to Disney.   A few of my friends are at Disney right now for winter break, and I have to admit, I am jealous!

LOVING:  These warmer temps.  It's going to be 61 here tomorrow!  I've had my snow, now bring on spring!

BEEN UP TO:  Lots of soccer tournaments, birthday parties, and pinning!

DREADING:  Cleaning.  The boys' rooms are disasters!

WORKING ON:  My Happiness Lists journal.  If you don't have one, grab one!

EXCITED ABOUT:  Going to the movies with Nick today to see Lego Batman.

WATCHING/READING:  Watching- lots and lots of Walking Dead!  We've been binge watching on Netflix and are on Season 6.  What a great show!    Reading- Getting ready to read "The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper."    

LISTENING TO:  80's and 90's tunes.  Nothing current on the radio is striking my fancy right now.

WEARING:  Some new Lularoe pieces I picked up, and Old Navy.  I go in phases with Old Navy.  As in, I don't like a thing they have for several years, and then I love them.  Right now, I'm loving them again.

DOING THIS WEEKEND:  Soccer (of course), cleaning, dinner out, and maybe a day trip to see the in-laws.  

LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH:  Trip to Newport, RI with one of my besties!  We are staying at an awesome hotel and will be hitting the spa, shopping, and eating our faces off!  I can't wait!

WHAT ELSE IS NEW:  I've got our spring and summer family trips planned.  We'll be heading to Great Wolf Lodge, Wildwood, and Maine this year.  Can't wait!


  1. Interested to try Home Chef now. I'm currently checking out Green Chef. It's so fun to have things to look forward to...we currently don't have anything too exciting on our calendar.

  2. Kim you are speaking to my heart when you say you are ready for spring!!! Are you ok? You winter lover! Ooohhh Newport - nice! I want to go! Girl, I"m so feeling you on music right now. I have been clicking back to the 90's too. You have a great spring planned, excited for you guys! xoxox

  3. I need to do some spring cleaning... I am dreading that!