Monday, December 12, 2016

I love winter

Crazy, right?!  Almost everyone I know complains about winter.  They complain about the snow. They complain about the cold.  They complain that it gets dark too early (this one I can get on board with).  But I really, truly, honestly love winter!  And here's why...

Have you ever been snowmobiling?  It's so much fun!  Especially when there's a bar to stop at for lunch on the route!  We have owned snowmobiles in the past, and we just bought some again this year.  We are praying for snow!!  But even if it doesn't snow here, there are parts of NY that ALWAYS have snow (Tug Hill/Old Forge region), and areas in Vermont and Canada.  My husband and his buddies have a snowmobile trip planned for Maine this winter, and I am totally jealous!  I am really hoping to get some time on my sled this year.

I really enjoy downhill skiing, and every year I say I want to get back into it.  Well, if we get any snow, this is the year!!

Again,. so much fun!  And the kiddos can join in as well.  Many of the ski areas around here have tubing parks, and there is even a place called Tubby Tubes close by that is exclusively for tubing.  We also have a giant slope of a backyard that is not good for much, but it is good for sledding!

Obviously all of the above require snow, but I just love snow itself!  Making snowmen, snow angels, snow forts.  The beauty of fresh snow on the evergreen trees.  The coziness of watching the snow fall outside the window while you're cuddled up with a blanket and a hot cocoa.  Now, I admit, if I were the one who had to shovel and snow blow, I probably would not be so fond of the snow.  But I'm not, so let those flakes fall!

So I hate the heat.  Like, if it's above 85 degrees I am probably inside enjoying my AC.  So when winter hits, I actually enjoy a little nip to the air.  It just feels so fresh and clean!  Now I'm not totally crazy... temps in the teens and below isn't my thing.  But daily highs in the 30's is just fine with me!

The Dark
Yes, I do hate that it gets dark so early in the winter.  But, it is cozy!!  I love coming home from work, putting on my PJ's and getting cozy on the couch under a blanket.  Well, I mean I WOULD love doing this if I didn't have kids that needed my attention every 3 seconds.  :)  But I do love the coziness of the season... snuggling under a blanket, getting warm next to the fireplace and lots of extra blankets on the bed!

All the best holidays are in winter
Christmas, Valentines Day, my birthday!!

 So be honest, does anyone else out there love winter??  Who's ready to move to Alaska with me?


  1. Insert grumpy cat picture here. No. No. No. But that's what makes the world so damn great - we all love different things!

  2. I LOVE winter❄️ I must be crazy like you! Everything you mentioned sounds like so much fun. I love skiing and although I'm not great at ice skating, I love that too. I'll take winter over summer any day.

  3. I'm totally with you! I grew up in western NY (Rochester), and we used to go snowmobiling a lot when I was a kid & teen - lots of fun! I, too, love snow. I;m not able to get out and enjoy it anymore because of medical problems, so that's kind of taken the fun out of winter, but I can enjoy the beauty of it at least!

    Happy winter - hope you got lots of snow!


    Book By Book

    1. Thank you! Nothing more beautiful than freshly fallen snow!

  4. Yes!!!!!!! I love snow, winter, ice and everything frosty!

    1. Hooray! Glad I've found some kindred winter spirits!

  5. The dark doesn't bother like I think it does others. I like the cozy feeling of our home when we are "stuck" indoors.