Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites-Make me laugh edition

This Friday Favorites is brought to you by the memes of Facebook that have cracked me up this week!   Why?  Because we all need some humor in our lives every now and then.  Annnndddd also because we leave for vaca tomorrow and I've gotta get packing!   Enjoy!

Which one is your favorite??

Have a great weekend friends!
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  1. LOVED all of these!!! Perfect girl, just perfect! I'm so excited for your vacation. Enjoy yourselves and soak up the remainder of this wonderful summer xoxoxoxoxox!

  2. That first one about the kids made me laugh at my desk at work! Too funny!

  3. You found some hilarious memes. The first on is my favorite.

  4. #1 is hilarious!! I am still laughing as I type!

  5. Hahaha, oh my god. I love that first one! That is so true!

  6. The Taco Tuesday one is so our motto... TACOS DAILY!!