Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Faves!

"Everybody's working for the weekend!"  You're totally singing it, right?  And this weekend I'm taking a 3 day weekend.  WOO HOO!!!

Let's jump right into my faves of the week!

Number 1: Daycare summer picnic & awards.  Our daycare is amazing and every summer they do a graduation and picnic with awards.  Alec got awards for sharing/including others, creativity (you should hear the stories he makes up) and best vocabulary!  So proud of my little guy. :)  

Number 2:  This totally cracked me up this week!!

Number 3:  Kristen Schmucker Daily Grace Planner
The busy season has arrived!!  The first day of school is just around the corner, and soccer practices start next week!  Since I am coaching my son's team, I have even MORE things than usual I need to remember!  This planner is perfect.  I previously had a gorgeous Corie Clark Purposeful Planner, but it ended up being too big for me.  This planner is big, but not too big and fits nicely in my purse.  I have the planner in the pic which is currently sold out.  However, Kristen has several other beautiful planners for you to choose from!  Check out her store HERE.

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Number 4:  Outlet shopping
Remember how I mentioned I am taking a 3 day weekend?  Well, that is so tomorrow I can go outlet shopping with one of my besties!  We'll be starting off with a Cracker Barrel breakfast and then hit the stores!  I already have most of our school shopping done, but I am hoping to pick up a couple more things and maybe, just maybe, something for myself!

Lee Outlets here we come!

5:  Aldi.  OK, that's kind of weird, right?  Well, I never really had any desire to go to Aldi before.  I thought it was all weird, random generic brands and I didn't like how you had to put a quarter in to get a shopping cart and bag your own groceries.  But one of my girlfriends was raving about all the money she saves there, so I thought- what the hey, give it a try.  Well, it turns out she was right!!  The prices were amazing and they had some name brand items too (lunchables and Pringles for example).  They do have their own store brand, but so far everything I've tried has been good quality.  I used 2 of my 31 deluxe utility totes and my fresh market thermal to bag my groceries and it worked perfectly.   I did have to search around to find a quarter for the cart though!

Enjoy your weekend friends!  I plan on thoroughly enjoying my shopping trip and perhaps a date night this weekend!

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  1. Yay for three day weekends!!! Wait a second...Cracker Barrel's are up north too?!?!?! Same menu? Shut up! I only like their breakfast and their meatloaf but dang! Outlet shopping with the bestie sounds like heaven. You enjoy yourself! xoxo