Thursday, February 4, 2016

Friday Favorites...birthday and donut edition!

I totally planned on posting 3 times this week...a birthday party update, January goals check-in and Friday Favorites.  Well, it’s Thursday night and I am just getting around to posting.  Ah, such is life...
But, that just means you get to see some birthday pics in my favorites!

Nick’s 6th birthday was definitely a favorite!  Saturday we had a kid’s party at an indoor fun center which included blasting people with nerf balls, laser tag, and a pirate ship.

Then it was chicken nuggets and fries, Minecraft cake and arcade games.  Nick had a great time and was well behaved, and all the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.  #happymom

"Mining" themed goodie bags...
Sunday we had another celebration.  My mom and aunt came up and we had a Subway platter (Nick’s request) and ice cream sundaes. 

It was a busy and fun weekend.  I love planning parties but I’m glad birthday season is over at our house for a while!

Next up are these cute Valentines cards I got off etsy for the kiddos to hand out .  I was excited to find some with envelopes because I hate how all the store ones don’t have envelopes anymore!  Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a Valentine card NEEDS to be in an envelope!  J

Speaking of V day, how adorable is this shirt I bought from Moon Pie Designs?!  And check out the cute Easter one too!

So apparently Thursday was Fat Thursday, aka Eat All the Donuts day (as we called it at work).  It is my understanding this is an actual thing and people get together to eat lots of sweets and other foods they won’t be having during Lent.  It is celebrated the Thursday before Ash Wednesday.  Well, upon learning of this, one of my co-workers immediately ran out and got a box of donuts from Cider Belly.  Cider Belly makes THE best Cider donuts!!  YUM...a tasty afternoon pick me up!  Definitely a favorite this week!

My last favorite for the week are these little lunch box notes.  I've had these since the start of the school year but held off on putting them in Nick's lunch because I wasn't sure if he would think they were "cool."  Well, this week I decided to throw some in his lunch box and he LOVED them!!  I originally got mine from Griffin and Grace but I've seen some cute ones on Amazon and eBay too.

This weekend should be pretty laid back.  Other than karate and putting together Valentine's day cards, we don't have much on the agenda!  I'm looking forward to relaxing...well, as much as I can with 2 crazy boys tearing up the house!  Maybe I'll even sneak in a solo Target trip!  What about you?  What's on your agenda for the weekend?

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  1. What a FUN birthday party! And may your weekend be more of the same fun but lots of relaxing too!! I think a Target trip is definitely in order mama!!

  2. You are a birthday party mom star! It looks like a super fun time :) And Nick just helped me decide that we are having Subway for dinner tonight. My kids LOVE it. I'm glad you have a calmer week ahead. Maybe we'll see you around a bit more. AND I haven't forgot the book I've just forgot to get to the post will get it! xoxox Amanda

  3. Sounds like a full week! I adore planning parties for my family. I admit I go overboard sometime,s but I enjoy it! And that truck t-shirt is adorable.

  4. Awwwwwww how fun was his birthday!!!!! My daughters birthday is coming up and I'm still clueless on what to actually do for it lol....

  5. Wow, you had a busy week! The birthday festivities look like a blast and yes please on the donut! I've never had a cider donut, but I've heard they are great!

  6. Ha I have never heard of Fat Thursday but that is a cool thing to do before Lent starts. Those donuts look amazing, I love cider donuts!

  7. What a great week! Love all the celebrations! Happy Birthday Nick! And I want a Cider Betty RIGHT NOW! :) YUM!