Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Faves...a little bit Valentine edition

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day!! We have been immersed in cards, candy and cupcakes this week!  How about you?

My first favorite of the week is the kindergarten Valentine's Day party.  I know some schools have done away with parties, but I am so glad our school has not!   The hubs and I volunteered at the party and it was so much fun hanging with Nick and his classmates.  We played Valentine Bingo, musical chairs, and pass the heart.  The kids colored and cut out some cute Valentine puppies.  They had a yummy breakfast... waffles, heart pancakes, bacon and fruit.  They heard some Valentines Day themed books.  Then of course there were the Valentines themselves!  The kids were so cute, thanking each other for their Valentines.  I think they all had a great time and we did too!!  I'm so glad I'm able to share in these memories with Nick.  He's growing up wayyy to fast!

Nick also had his 6 year year checkup this week.  Well, the check up itself isn't a favorite, but our Fro Yo date at Menchies after the checkup was!

Posing with his submarine picture
Nick started karate this week and he really likes it!  It has at times been a struggle finding an activity he is really interested in and is willing to do on a weekly basis.  So far, so good with this one!  It's definitely a favorite finding an activity for him that he enjoys!

Another favorite this week is brotherly love.  I don't always see a whole lot of that around here, so when I do, I am ecstatic!  Nick decided he was going to read books to Alec the other morning and it was the cutest thing ever listening to him read his brother Pete the Cat books (even if it was right after I told them to get ready for school)!!

My final favorite is Valentines day plans.  I mentioned to the hubs that we should do something different this year (rather than our usual date night of dinner and then debating about whether we are too tired to go see a movie after).  So he booked us tickets for Medieval Times!  I've been once before, and thought it was a hoot!  Just something fun and wacky to do!  I'm super excited!  I'm also super excited to go shopping at IKEA!  There is an IKEA about 20 minutes from Medieval Times so we are absolutely hitting it up.  We don't have any IKEAs around here, so whenever we travel near one, it is a must stop!

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?  And if you do, what are your plans this year?  What do you do (if anything) for the kiddos?  I have some little treats (candy and non-candy) that I'll give to them and if I'm feeling real ambitious, I'll make some sort of heart shaped food.  But honestly, after doing Valentines and goodie bags for school AND daycare (like 40 of them- plus making Nick write out 17 of his own cards...have you ever sat with a 6 year old while they write out Valentines??  OY VEY), making cupcakes for tomorrow's daycare party, and heart shaped cookies, I am just about Valentined out!  So no promises on the heart shaped food!

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day weekend beautiful! I cannot even tell you how much I miss class parties now that my boys are teenagers! I was always the room mom and I think Valentine's Day parties were always my favorite; full of lots of homemade hearts, Valentines boxes and lots of love! I still get my boy sweet treats for Valentine's Day they especially love the Reeses hearts! My husband and I pretty much just plan to have a nice relaxing day at home binge watching some movies. Hope it's wonderful for you my dear!

  2. How blessed are those boys to have you as their mommy! It sounds like your week has been amazing and I hope you ate a cupcake for me. We never do anything for Valentine's but guess what? My husband surprised me with flowers and earrings today! WOW! I'm in total shock and so sad that I have no idea what to get him. He never asks for anything darn it. Oh well I may have something up my sleeve. Have a wonderful weekend! xo Amanda

  3. Love the brotherly love! We don't have any big plans....we usually go pick out donuts and then have a family date to someplace like Chick-fil-a or Monkey Business that has a play area. Really exciting! Haha ;)

  4. Sounds like you're having an awesome time! I've never been to Medieval Times, but I'd love to go sometimes. This weekend, we'll take it easy, but we'll definitely celebrate at home.