Monday, October 12, 2015


What an absolutely gorgeous fall weekend!!  The weather was perfect and I tried to soak up as much "fall" as I could!

The kids went to their grandparents overnight, so the hubs and I went to VT for the day to enjoy fall in all it's splendor!  The drive over was simply beautiful.  The leaves were close to their peak with vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges.  Have you ever seen a giant mountain in front of you in full fall color?  It is breathtaking.

Our first stop was at Mt. Snow.  Our plan was to take a scenic chair lift ride, but there actually was an Octoberfest going on!  Wish I had known that beforehand because we would have headed over much earlier in the day!  After a brief stop at the Octoberfest, we headed over to Manchester. We got there just in time for our dinner reservations at Ye Olde Tavern.  This place is a definite must-eat if you are in Manchester.  The building is indeed "old" and the inside has a totally old-timey feel to it.  They have several classic, New England, grandma-used-to-make type dishes on their menu (or Yankee Favorites as they call it)...pot roast, chicken pot pie, turkey dinner with sausage stuffing.  If that's not your thing, don't worry... they have all sorts of other chicken, fish, beef and vegetarian dishes on the menu.  But the BEST part are these amazing little homemade cranberry fritters they serve with Vermont maple butter.  OMG- sooo good (and I'm not even a fan of cranberries)!

Totally thrilled I'm taking his pic!
Anyway, after a delicious dinner we did some shopping at the outlets and then headed home.  Well, we did make a stop at a diner for some coffee and dessert first.  :)

Sunday I slept in insanely late and it was heaven!  I did a little housekeeping and then went to pick up the boys.  The afternoon was spent playing Legos, watching Nick Jr. and decorating our driveway with chalk.  I also got in a little solo Target trip (my favorite Sunday activity) and just might have picked up a Halloween costume for myself!

Yes, he's wearing his PJS

The evening consisted of dinner, baths for the boys, and reading Halloween books.  Now I'm blogging, listening to the snores of the hubs and the dog drifting down from upstairs.

Well friends, unfortunately I have to work tomorrow (no Columbus day long weekend for me) so it's time to say goodnight.  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  Tell me what you did in the comments!  And to my fellow Northeasterners, get out their and soak up this beautiful fall weather while it lasts!  We all know winter weather will be here way too soon!


  1. I was drooling over your Instagram photos. What a gorgeous weekend, lady! So happy you got that precious time with your husband. Our leaves are starting to change over and I look forward to seeing them in our southern mountains soon! I cannot wait to see your costume! xo Amanda

  2. What a gorgeous weekend, so happy anytime someone gets time with their love.

  3. A solo target trip sounds like absolute heaven :) and Vermont lol

  4. Sounds like an AMAZING weekend. Vermont is on my bucket list, and in the fall it sounds magical. Thanks for sharing.