Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday- Who's coming to dinner??

When I saw today's Show and Tell Tuesday topic, I couldn't wait to link up with Andrea!
Today we are sharing the 5 people we would invite to a dinner party at our house.  How fun!!!

#1  Barry Manilow... Unfortunately for Barry, I would make him sing the entire party.  Although, I would like to hear the stories behind the songs, so he could talk about that a little bit between sets!  :)  Best.musician.ever.

#2 Tony Stewart... I am not really into NASCAR these days, but I will always love Tony Stewart.  I would love to sit next to him at the table and gaze lovingly... I mean, listen to all his amazing stories.  I love his drive and his love of racing.  Plus, I get the feeling he is a really fun guy to hang out with!  

Or, if Tony is unavailable then I would invite Andy Pettitte (retired NY Yankees pitcher for all you non-baseball fans).  Amazing guy.  I have always wanted to meet him, so of course he's coming to my dinner party!  End of story.

#3  Will Ferrell... He may literally be the funniest man alive.  I loved him on SNL and I love his movies!  I could watch Step-Brothers and Anchorman 10x a day and not get tired of them!  I'm sure Will would keep me laughing through the whole party.

#4 Oprah...well DUH.  Who WOULDN'T invite Oprah to their party?  I feel like Oprah and I could be friends.   Maybe best friends.  And maybe she would bring some of her "Favorites" to the party for everyone!  Or at least a lovely gift for the hostess!

#5  Seth Rogen and James Franco...They're a package deal, right?  Well, it's my dinner party and I say they are!  They are funny, interesting, and I hear they know how to party.  100% invited!

Now tell me this wouldn't be a fun dinner party!!

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  1. Oprah would be a fantastic dinner guest and and would for sure bring a great hostess gift!

  2. I totally did several "package deals" for my guest list, too! Picking just 5 was way too difficult!

    Angela @ Top Knots and Curly Locks

  3. Oh yep, Will Ferrell was an excellent choice! You'd be laughing non-stop!!!! I adore him!

  4. Very interesting list! My mother in law is obsessed with Tony Stewart, so she would be super jealous if he came to my dinner party. I love what a diverse list you have here!

  5. Ahhhh... great list!! I love Will Ferrell. He is so funny!!! I agree!!!! I think for my list, I would invite Jesus, Lucille Ball, Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn, All of the ladies on The Golden Girls, Adam Sandler and all of the guys from the show Impractical Jokers... Ohhh wait!! That's way more than 5,... oh well!! I would invite them ALL!! What a mix, I know, lol ;)

  6. Kimberly, I just totally fell in love with you and your blog! Barry Manilow is my favorite singer and musician of all time, I am not kidding you, it even says so on my about me page! People make fun of me including my husband But I do not care I love that man and his music just makes me smile!

    1. Barry Manilow is the BEST!!! I am so happy to find another Barry lover out there in blogger world! I get made fun of too but I don't care! His music just makes life happy!

  7. Cute post! I saw Barry Manilow in concert and it was fantastic!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!