Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Just a little Christmas quiz to distract me from wrapping presents....

I had every intention of coming home tonight and wrapping some gifts.  Well, it's now 9:10 PM and instead of wrapping gifts I have been busy catching up on my favorite blogs and trying to get some Jamberry parties booked for January and February (anyone interested??  They're totally on line!).  Oops.  Well, there are still 9 days until Christmas, right?!

I saw this cute little holiday Q&A on a friend's blog so I thought I would join in on the fun!  Feel free to join in too!

What's your favorite Christmas movie?  Toss up between Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story.  And YES, I do watch the 24 hour Christmas Story marathon!  I also love Just Friends, although I don't know if that is technically considered a Christmas movie.

Colored or white lights?  I go back and forth on this one.  For my own house, I generally like white lights, however I love seeing colored lights on other people's houses.  This year I did mix it up a little and added some multi color.  We even did a multi colored tree and I am LOVING it!

Favorite Christmas food?   Hmmm.  This is a hard one.  I guess I would have to say cheesecake.  But I really like cheesecake any time of year!
Yes please!!!

Live tree or artificial?  For many years now we have done artificial but this year I wanted to try a real tree.  The jury is still out.  I love the smell but hate the needles all over the floor.

Santa or no Santa?  Heck yeah!

Favorite holiday tradition?  Hmmm.  Again a tough one.  My favorite tradition from the past was going to my Grandmother's house on Christmas morning.   We would have a huge breakfast, then all gather around the tree to open presents.  The tree was always so pretty and there were so many presents underneath!  Currently, as a family of 4, we are making new traditions.  Some of my favorite NEW traditions are going to our town's Christmas parade (which unfortunately we missed this year), putting out reindeer food on Christmas eve, and just started this year (but sure to become an annual tradition!!), the North Pole Breakfast welcoming John the Elf!!

When do you decorate for Christmas?  Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving

Favorite Christmas cookie?  Straight up sugar with frosting!!

Favorite Christmas song?  O Holy Night.  There is nothing more beautiful than hearing this song sung by a huge church choir.

Favorite Christmas story?  Twas the Night Before Christmas

Least Favorite Christmas tradition?  I'm not sure if this is a "tradition" but I really dislike wrapping presents.  Which is funny, because when I was younger, I loved wrapping presents!

Ok- now it's your turn!!  Tell me some (or all) of your answers in the comments!!!!


  1. I love the idea of a North Pole breakfast! Some years I really enjoy the present wrapping and others I hate it, I think depends on if I have time or not. Thanks for sharing your Christmas.

  2. That cheesecake looks awesome and I think your North Pole breakfast is such a cute idea! Merry Christmas! :)

  3. Just Friends! Love that movie. Ryan Reynolds all day every day! I love O Holy Night as well. When our choir sings it at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve I get chills.

  4. I give money for Christmas now since that is what my adult sons want and my hubby and I decided not to exchange gifts because we go and buy something that we want when we want it. My sons come for Christmas Eve , Day and New Years Eve and Day dinners so those are the traditions we cherish....

    Thanks so much for dropping by!!


  5. This is a fun quiz! I enjoyed getting to know you a little better today. Thanks for joining us for Hump Day Happenings.