Thursday, December 11, 2014

Friday Favorites- 2 weeks till what????

As I write this post tonight, I seriously cannot believe Christmas is 2 WEEKS AWAY!!  Yikes!  We got somewhere between 6 and 8 inches of snow here over the past 2 days and I am sooo happy!  I love snow.  Absolutely love it (especially at Christmas time).  The tree branches are literally drenched in snow and the Christmas lights look so beautiful peeking out from underneath it all.  I just hope it doesn't melt away before Christmas!

OK- on to my favorites of the week!

Number 1:  Crayon Wreath
Is this not the cutest, most perfect teacher gift you've ever seen??  I cannot wait to give it to our daycare provider at their Christmas party on Sunday.  You can find your own at Majestic Silk Flowers on Etsy.

2.  Christmas Cheer Exchange
The lovely Rachel at Floral and Fudge co-hosted a Christmas Cheer exchange!  Basically, you got to send a package of Christmas Cheer to another blogger and receive one yourself (with a $10 limit).  I had so much fun putting together a box for Tiffany over at Terry's go round!!!  Check out her blog and her Christmas cheer post if you would like to see what I put in her box. Cortney at Our Fishy Family sent me my cheer box and I got some great stuff!

3.  Christmas Jams!
This is my absolute favorite Jamberry combo yet!!!  Peppermint Patty with the November hostess exclusive.  I want to wear this year round!!

4. Christmas Card!!!
This week I sent out our beautiful Christmas cards.  Thank you so much to Andrea (you know- the host of this link up!) for designing my Christmas card this year!  I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!

5.  Favorite Picture
Over the weekend while hubby was out of town hunting, the boys and I were looking for things to do. Nick asked me to wrap him in toilet paper like a mummy and to his surprise (and mine) I agreed. This was the outcome.  It was probably the highlight of our weekend!!

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!  What's on tap for you?  Any Christmas themed activities?  Hubs and I have a kid free night on Saturday so we plan on finishing Christmas shopping, going out to dinner, and maybe even a movie!

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  1. Your card is beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  2. Cool wreath, and it sounds like you earned 'cool mom' status with the toilet paper :)


  3. Ha! Love the toilet paper mummy! :-)

  4. Haha - toilet paper mummy! :)
    Love your snowy landscape and Christmas nails :-D

    Hope you will share your Friday favourites with my Big Christmas Link Party:


    1. Just linked up! Hooray! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    2. Thank you so much for joining the party ! :)
      Your post has been featured :)

  5. That is one AWESOME exchange gift. I'd be thrilled. So when is this Christmas you speak of? LOL I'm so far away from holidays this year. It really pains me.