Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Y'all know I can't pass up a good currently post! Linking up with ANNE today to let you know what's currently happening in my world! 

Ordering...  School supplies! Did you know Target has a little gem called the school list assist? Get on the app, choose your school and grade, and your supply list automatically populates into your shopping cart! Awesome, awesome, awesome! I was so not looking forward to going into the store and fighting over Marble composition notebooks, pencils, crayons and glue sticks with all the other crazed moms! Instead, with a few clicks of my mouse, all my supplies were ready and waiting for me within an hour!  Find it HERE.

Pinning...  Chicken and zucchini recipes! Found THIS little gem the other day and made it for dinner. Delicious! 

Watching...Castle Rock on hulu. If you're a fan of LOST or any Stephen King books/movies, this is the show for you! I'm so excited to have something interesting to watch again! 

Counting...The days until we leave for vacation! Today makes 10. WOO HOO!  We are headed to the Southern Jersey Shore for a week and I cannot wait! 

Following...My stats to see if anyone is reading my blog!  As you can see I am back blogging at Life As I Know it. Manning the Middle is no more.  Hoping some of my readers come back to where it all began! 

Happy Wednesday friends!

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