Monday, July 2, 2018

TBB Vacation Edition!

1. Will you my go on a summer vacation this year?   
Yes!  We are headed back to Cape May (southern Jersey shore) for a week this August.  Can't wait to relax on the beach! 

2. Relax or pack it all in?
  If the kids are with us, pack it all in!  The more activities, the better!  When it's just me and hubby, I like to just relax (and take lots of naps!).

3.  What month do you like to vacation?
Ideally I would like to vacation EVERY month, but we usually end up taking our big summer vacation in August.

I've never been on a cruise but really want to try one!
5. Favorite vacation tradition?  
Although we aren't going to Maine this year (we've been going every summer for about 15 years now) my favorite vacation tradition is stopping at the Bread & Roses bakery in Ogunquit, ME for a sweet treat!  We also ALWAYS stop at Bob's Clam Hut on our first day of vaca for fried clams.
6. Most memorable vacation? 
 My most memorable vacation would have to be Disney.  But not for the usual reasons people find a Disney vacation memorable.  Mine was memorable because my kids were sick and miserable, security was called to our room, and I was vomited on not once but twice!  You can see how sick my little Alec was in these pics :(

7.  Pack light or pack it all?
Pack it all of course! 
8.  House, condo or hotel?
House with the kids, hotel with just the hubby.
9.  Favorite thing to eat on vacation ?Umm, everything??  Vacation is time to splurge!

10.  Warm or cold destinations?
Both!  I love me some snow!

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