Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hello, it's me.

Holy moly!  It's been almost 2 months since I blogged!  That's crazy!  Where have I been you ask?  Well, I don't have some exciting, scandalous answer for you.   I've been right here, living life, and completely ignoring my blog.  Not that I haven't been thinking of you all (cuz I have) or thinking about the blog (I have, I even prepped a couple posts and then never finished them).  I just have not had the motivation, time or energy to keep it up.  BUT.... I am ready to start blogging again and have some ideas swirling in my mind about the direction I want this blog to go.  So stay tuned!

In the meantime, would you like to know what we've been up to?  Don't worry, I'll give you the condensed version!

--N graduated from kindergarten! He has also been attending summer camp for the first time this year and is having a blast. 2 weeks he gets to do Lego camp for a week!
--N also got his orange belt and attended his belt promotion ceremony even though he felt super sick that day.
--We had a lovely July 4th BBQing and swimming with family, and watching fireworks at our neighbor's house.
--We had fun playing in the sand and swimming at the state park.
--We've had lots of ice cream dates.
--We've been reading books and doing summer "homework" when the spirit moves us :)
--We've played Lego Dimensions,  Minecraft, and dress up.
--We've made beautiful chalk art on the driveway, rode scooters, rode bikes, jumped on trampolines, played on playgrounds and thrown water balloons.
--We met our new baby cousin, Ronnee.
--We've stayed up late, watched movies and went to the movies  (Secret Life of Pets was soooo cute).
--We discovered our town has an awesome town pool!  And it's only $1 for the kids to use!

And now here we are, almost to August!  In NY, we still have a month of "summer" left before the kids go back to school (we start after Labor day here) but I know it is going to fly by!  We've got busy weekends and a week of vacation at the beach to fit in before September hits!  How about you?  Do you have more summer to enjoy or is it back to school time for you?

That's all for now but keep checking the blog because I will be posting!  Thanks for hanging in there and reading!



  1. Stranger!!! Nice to see you back :) I take it you didn't get down here in July? Can't wait to see what all you have planned. Wow, those sweet boys are growing! xoxoxo

  2. Can you believe it's August?! July was so hectic and crazy for us too, I hardly posted at all either. : ) It looks like your boys had a great summer! We are getting all of our school stuff ready for our kindergartener! Ahhhh!

  3. Ughhh crazy how summer is almost over!!!! I'm not ready to start talking back to school... I feel like summer started lol