Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Favorites-Boston, pizza and cookies!

Friday... you are here!
This week has been all about baby shower preparation (and work, baseball, mom and wife duties mixed in of course).  I actually almost forgot that Mother’s Day is Sunday!  Ooops.  Oh yeah, and also a little thing called my wedding anniversary was on May 4th.  14 years!

So on to the favorites.

Number 1 and 2:  Baby shower favors!
Our shower colors are hot pink and lime green.  My cousin is doing an ocean animal theme in the nursery, so we have also mixed in whales and seashells into the d├ęcor.

Favor 1 is from favorsbyangelique on Etsy.  How adorable are these soap whales and the tag attached?!  And I even got them baby powder scented!

Favor 2 are these amazing cookies my friend Katie makes.  She has some serious cookie artistry skills, not to mention her cookies are delish!  These are the only pics she would send me (I am picking them up this afternoon and it's against her "cookie code" to show you your cookies until they are delivered).    I am super excited to see what else she has created!

Number 3 and 4:  Anniversary trip and pizza!
So as I mentioned, we celebrated 14 years of marriage this week.  We hit Boston and the Red Sox/Yankees game to celebrate.  We had a great time!   

I also found my new favorite pizza on the trip.  If you are pre-gaming at Max and Leo's, you HAVE to try the pizza!  So good!

Number 5:  This funny!
I laughed and laughed because this is SO me in the morning!  My co-workers can totally vouch for that fact.

To all my fellow mommies out there... I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day and get spoiled rotten!!  And don't forget to show some love to your own mom, or a special woman in your life!  As for me, I think we are going out to breakfast/brunch and I am really hoping the hubby lets me sleep in!  It would be sooo amazing if he would clean the house too, but I'm not holding my breath!  
What are your Mother's day plans?

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  1. I love the soap and cookies for the baby shower. Also happy 14th wedding anniversary. I forgot it was Mother's Day too! hahaha!

  2. I have always loved hot pink and lime green together! Sounds like a great week!

  3. Red Sox/Yankees games are the best! Fun rivalry. Glad you got to go to the game in Boston! I need that shirt by the me!

  4. Love the green and pink favors! Soooo cute!