Thursday, March 10, 2016

Friday Favorites-I'm Back!

Hooray!  I'm back this week for Friday Favorites!  Did you miss me??

What a spectacular week it has been!  Wednesday it was 81 degrees here!  81.  In March.  In New York.  This is TOTALLY unheard of.  No, really it is.  It was the warmest March 9th on record!  The sky was blue, the sun was shining and it was literally perfect weather.  This was definitely a favorite of the week!

Since the weather was so warm, the kiddos got some much needed outside time when I got home from work.  They played on their swing set and drew on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.  Outdoor time in March with no jackets on??  Most certainly a favorite!!

The hubs had to work late on Wednesday and wouldn't be home until the kids were in bed so I made sure to snap a couple pics of them.  This picture is one of my favorites because it is so THEM.  I'm pretty sure Nick is hugging Alec, not strangling him, but I can't be 100%!

This pic is a favorite because this kid is just so darn cute!  #meltsmyheart

This is my favorite because it is totally my dilemma!  

And finally...this Happy Easter sign is my new favorite Easter decoration  #thankshobbylobby

That's it for this week folks!   The weekend brings karate, soccer, and then some alone time for mom and dad (although it may be spent painting the kids' rooms)!  Woo hoo!!
What's happening around your house this weekend?

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  1. 81!?! What a treat! Here in WI we hit 70 a couple times which seems especially crazy as less than a month ago we were in single digits and last week we had snow which required me to shovel twice! Liz at

  2. I adore that pic of your little guy too! It is so precious! Oh and you guys beating us at warm weather - say what? Have a great weekend painting...don't breathe the fumes too heavily! xoxox

  3. Nice weather! So awesome for March. I'm also in WI, like Liz above, and we didn't quite have such high temps. But, we did get outside with light jackets, so that was a treat. No big plans this weekend, which I like.

  4. I'm in Boston and we also had a record high on March 9. Was such a beautiful day!

  5. Omg isn't it fabulous?!! It was 60 here in WNY and hubby and I had a BBQ lol.... Ahhhh can't wait for this weather to actually stick!

  6. Wow..nice! We didn't hit the 80's yet but I think it did reach 70 the other day. (Western New York/Buffalo area) I was able to take my son to the playground and that felt so wonderful! I love that meme about I want to loose weight/I want to struggle as well lol. xo

  7. 81 degrees in March! I wonder what the summer will be like!