Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday favorites - shopping addiction!

Today's favorites are brought to you courtesy of my online shopping addiction!

#1. The blardigan
I did it!   After a year of procrastinating and adding and deleting it from my shopping cart, I finally pulled the trigger.  Thank you Nordstrom semi annual sale!  I totally thought I would have buyer's remorse, but I 100% do not!  It is sooo soft and comfy and I am sure I will be cozied up in it nonstop once the cold weather hits!

#2. Anthro mugs
Did you know I have a thing for coffee mugs?  I love finding fun and different mugs to drink my coffee out of.  All these babies are sitting in my online shopping cart until I can pick my favorite one.  Which one do you like?

#3.  Cool scarves
Yup, these 2 lovlies also happen to be sitting in my shopping cart awaiting a decision. And the best part is, they are both on sale!

#4. Everyone loves a fedora
Yes, another Anthro sale item in my cart. Do you think I can pull the fedora look off?  I'm still undecided. 

#5. Random funny
My wonderful and sweet blogger friend Cindy sent this to me today and I thought it was hysterical! 

Have a beautiful weekend ladies!

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  1. I LOVE those mugs!!!! Pretty mugs rock. I'm still on the fence about the blardigan for myself. I need to try one on. Maybe today....maybe! I love that quote, carrying it with me this week! xo friend - Amanda

  2. All the heart eyes to those Anthro. mugs. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves mugs!

  3. YESSS for the mugs! I don't even drink tea or coffee and I still love mugs. ♥

  4. Those mugs are really fun. I love the rounded shapes.

  5. I love my blardigan, I love my mugs, I love my scarves, and I love your blog! - Seri from

  6. I am just loving that blardigan! It is beautiful!

  7. I love all of those mugs...just get them all! I've never heard of a blardigan before, but it's definitely cute! You have great taste. So glad to be your pen pal! :)