Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Faves...again!

All hail Friday!  I can't wait to relax and sleep in this weekend!  Oh wait, I have young kids so neither of those things are happening!  :)

So, are you ready to see my favorites of the week?

#1  The wall is done!!
The wall is done and flowers are planted!  We still have the sidewalk, stairs and light post to do, but the main attraction is done! The blocks in the first pic looks a little funny because it just rained.

#2  Snail mail!
I got the sweetest, most thoughtful package from my dear friend Cindy this week,  Not only did she include some beautiful things for me, but she added some things for my kiddos too.  Nick absolutely LOVED the Robin glasses and Beast Boy ears (Teen Titans anyone?) as you can seen from the pics!

#3 River walks with Georgie
I've made a concerted effort this past week to get out for walks with our dog, George.  Sometimes it seems like such a chore to get off my comfy spot on the couch, but I always feel so much better when I get outside!

#4  Kindergarten Memories Book
How cute is this?  I'm so happy to have a place to document all of Nick's kindergarten milestones and memories!

#5  New business!
I'm officially a 31 consultant!  Hooray! I love when you can turn an obsession into an income!!  OK, I don't know how much of an income but I truly love 31 products and am excited to do some parties. Anyone want to do a catalog or Facebook party????  I'm your girl!!
Check out all the cute stuff 31 has to offer!
Click here: Kim's 31 page!

In other news, I did my very first school supply shopping trip as a mom!  School doesn't start here until after Labor day, yet somehow the supplies are already picked over?!?!  I did, however, manage to find a Darth Vader binder, Yoda folders, and Star Wars pencil box.  #momwin

This weekend will be more work on the front yard, and perhaps a trip to see Discovering the Dinosaurs!  What's on your to-do list this weekend?

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  1. Congrats on your new business venture!

  2. This made me smile, it also got me motivated to get some stuff done! Thanks!

  3. Wow-your yard looks great! Projects like that are so much work, but when they're done, it's such a wonderful feeling! Awesome score on the Star Wars supplies!!

  4. My kids school work is so unorganized.. I am jealous of your kindergarten book!! :) That planter wall turned out beautifully!

  5. Gorgeous wall girlfriend! Precious kinder book too. I crammed my kid's stuff in an accordion file hahahaha but that's how it goes when you work in the schools. Have a beautiful weekend! xo Amanda

  6. i love snail mail too and congrats on the new business!

    cute & little