Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Cheer Exchange!

Honestly, it has not been very “Springy” around here!  It’s been cold and snowy for longer than I can remember!!
We did have 1 day last week that nearly reached 50 degrees and it was heaven!!   And.... some of the snow melted and I can see grass (brown and dead grass, but still grass!).  But this week, it’s been back to cold and windy.  Right now it’s 29 degrees with a wind chill of 17.  Ugh.  HOWEVER... something happened on Monday that completely got me feeling Spring!  I received the most awesome cheer package from Jenny at Much Ado About Jenny!
I opened the box and immediately the pretty pink and yellows in it caught my eye.  I dove in and literally pulled out one surprise after another!  This was the PERFECT spring cheer box!! 
Check out all this awesomeness:

I literally love every.single.thing. she sent me!!  The clipboard (loooove the pattern), the nail polish (perfect spring colors), the magazine, the lip balm, the Cosmos kit, the MASON JAR cup.  Do you know what Jenny put INSIDE the cup?? Chocolates!!  YES!!  Everything is just so spring and it is all stuff I just adore and will absolutely use.

Thank you Jenny and thanks to Rachel and Astleigh for this awesome exchange!!


  1. OMG I'm jealous! I wish I would have known about this I would have signed up in a heartbeat!!!! How fun! ENjoy your goodies!

    1. It was so much fun! I'll let you know when there is another one!

  2. Yeah, I'm so glad you enjoyed your box! It was really fun putting it all together :) Happy Thursday!

  3. What a great package!!
    I love the bright green eos chapstick,
    and Cosmos are such a pretty flower! :) :)

  4. This box of cheer is amazing! It's definitely full of spring cheer!!

  5. You got great stuff!! I loooooove that pink nailpolish!!!! LOVE! Beautiful and fun stuff!! I love my package too!! Sarita sent me a package. These swaps are awesome!! :) xo