Thursday, March 19, 2015

Friday Favorites of course!

It's that time again.... Friday Favorites!  I am sooo ready for the weekend, how about you??

Favorite Number 1:  These crazy cuties
I love dressing my boys in some holiday flair!!  I'm not sure how much longer my 5 year old will let me do this, so I'm savoring it while he'll still indulge me!

Favorite Number 2:  My St. Patty's Day Jamicure
I love this combo!  I think it will be my new spring go-to Jamicure!

Favorite Number 3:  New Panera Sandwich
This actually used to be in Panini form but they switched it to a flatbread.  Good move Panera!  It is DELISH!!  And... it's only 350 calories.

Favorite Number 4:  31 Hang Up Home Organizer
I went to a 31 party last week and fell in love with this organizer (the item in the middle).  My wonderful hubby just put together my new desk last weekend and I am soo excited to hang this up and finally get some of my things better organized!  This is the exact pattern I got but if it's not your cup of tea, they have it in 3 other designs.

Favorite Number 5:  Down comforter and duvet cover
I've pretty much been either a plain old comforter or quilt girl all my life.  But for the past few months, I've reallly wanted to try a down comforter with duvet cover.  But I just couldn't find one I really loved, at least not at the price I wanted to pay.  I searched Pier One, Pottery Barn, JC Penny, Target, Overstock, Amazon, etc.  Then last week I came across The Company Store.  Am I the only one who hasn't heard of this place?  Anyway, I found the perfect duvet cover (on sale too... woo hoo!) and a really nice white down comforter from Overstock.  I put everything on my bed the other day and ohhhh myyyy.... it is SO COMFORTABLE!  Like I never want to get out of bed comfortable!

They must have sold out of the exact one I got, but this is pretty much it (except the flowers on mine are in blue)
Link HERE if you're interested

Favorite Number 6:  Waffle Faces!!
My 5 year old has a thing about making his food match the way it looks on the box.  
We had to improvise a little on this one... He substituted a tomato for the blackberry and marshmallows for the blueberries.  And yes, he ate it all!!

The box version
Nick's version

Well, that's it folks!  Any big plans for the weekend?  Other than soccer on Saturday morning, we literally have ZERO plans.  And since we have zero plans, I am going to be trying very hard to convince my husband to paint our bedroom (I've had the paint since summer!!!).  I'll be sure to let you know on Monday how that all works out!  :)  Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!!

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  1. Your nails looked great! So fun!! And I love you waffles :)

    1. Thanks! I am obsessed with Jamberry...I guess that's why I became a consultant! LOL

  2. Such a fun little waffle. And you, what's on that sandwich!

    1.'s so good!!! Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, arugula, and a basil pesto sauce. I could eat one every day!

  3. I went to an online Jamberry party this week. It was literally THE most fun I have ever had at a party like that. I am also eyeballing the hanging organizer from Thirty One. Just trying to talk my husband into it. For now, I was able to get the hanging wall pockets to help us do some decluttering. Hopefully sometime soon I can get the organizer, but I will see how this goes first. Love your new duvet!

    Have a good weekend!

    1. I am obsessed with Jamberry and I actually became a consultant! So if you ever want to have a Facebook party, let me know!!! :) I was looking at those wall pockets too... that might have to be my next purchase!