Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend wrap-up and a recipe

Happy Monday!  It's a long weekend for some so if you are enjoying an extra day off today, HOORAY!  I was supposed to be at work today, but our daycare provider called in sick (stomach flu) so I had to take the day off.  I'll be honest.  I REALLY wanted to go to work today.  The boys were OFF THE WALL alllll weekend long and I was so ready for a "break!"  But alas, here I sit, typing and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  For the moment it is quiet.  One boy upstairs, one boy downstairs.  This won't last long.  Any minute the yelling, running, screaming and chasing will commence.  But for the moment, I will enjoy some quiet, coffee, and banana bread!

So how was your weekend?  The weather here was crap.  COLD and windy on Saturday and rainy, cold and dismal on Sunday.  We did manage to have some fun though.

Saturday we took the kids to Tiny Tots Tea Room.  I have blogged about this place before, but it is worth mentioning again.  If you are local to the Albany NY area and have kids between 18 months and 5 years old, you need to go.  There is a large gated playroom for the kids.  There are specialty coffees and teas for the moms and dads.  You can sit at a table, drink a latte, and still see your kid in the playroom.  It is heaven.  LOL  Nick is just about too old for the place, but he still finds things to do.

Mommy and Alec hangin at the tea room

A fireman/bee hybrid?
The rest of the weekend was spent watching movies, cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping.  You know, the usual weekend routine!!

Alec waiting for dinner in his typical dinner attire (diaper only).

The usual dinner antics

So...I have a plan to include more recipes on the blog this year.  I am aiming for 1 recipe a week, but it may be more like 1 every 2 weeks.  :)  Anyway, I am going to start off with this quick and easy pasta dish.
Disclaimer:  This is totally not my recipe.  All the credit goes to Andrea at Momfessionals.  BUT.... it was so quick, easy, and tasty, I just had to share!!!

Now, if you are looking for something healthy, this is not it!  If you are looking for something quick and easy on a busy weeknight, here ya go.

"Weeknight Pasta"

Andrea's recipe was meatless, but the hubs enjoys some protein in his pasta so I added in some sliced up hot sausage.  This would be great with some grilled chicken added in too.

1 jar Marinara sauce
1 jar Alfredo sauce
Box of pasta
Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese

Cook your pasta according to the box directions.
While your pasta is cooking, mix up the marinara and alfredo sauce in a large bowl.  Mix in 2 cups of mozzarella cheese.  I also stirred in the cooked, sliced sausage.

When your pasta is done, drain it and transfer it to your big bowl.  Mix everything up and pour into a baking dish.
Cook at 350 for about 30 minutes (until hot and bubbly).  Add some parm cheese on top and cook another 5 minutes or so until melted.
Voila!!  Dinner is served!

Well, that's it for today folks!!  Enjoy your day and enjoy your week!  I've got a busy week ahead, but  I will definitely be back on Friday for Friday Favorites!!


  1. This looks so good! I would never think of mixing the two sauces!!

  2. Yum. I've made this before. They have a similar dish at an Italian restaurant. I'll have to try your recipe! Thanks for sharing. #meetupmonday

  3. Weeknight pasta sounds interesting and easy, thanks for the idea! I love that awesome fireman/bee hybrid :)

  4. My oldest loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. :-) I love quick and easy recipes, thank for sharing yours!

  5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day long at our house....with Thomas! What a simple recipe!!! I love it.

  6. MISKA MUSKA MICKEY MOUSE! lol... OMG!! I hear that song way too much!!! LOL!!! Funny! And thanks, because now it will be stuck in my head. I hope it will be stuck in your head too, after you read this, ha! ha! :) Great and cute pics!! Your boys are so cute!! I WANT THAT TINY TOTS TEA place for parents and kids! Sounds awesome!! LUCKY!!!!! That sounds good about your recipe posting. Do you have a good banana bread recipe to share??? HINT ~ HINT!! ;) xoxo