Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites- yup, late again.

OK, I wasn't going to do them, but here I am with my Friday favorites!  I know you're excited!!! :)

Number 1:  Bath & Body Works Beautiful Day
I haven't really shopped at Bath & Body Works in a while, but I decided to take a quick stroll through while I was Christmas shopping.  $100 later, I emerged (did I mention I have a shopping addiction!??!).  My favorite find was Beautiful Day!  I can't get enough of this scent and the lotion is divine!

Number 2:  My new blanket scarf!
OK, I don't actually have it yet, but it's on its way!  And it's monogrammed!  I cannot wait to get this and wear it!  Thank you to Elaine at Honey Pie Accessories!  Check her out on FB- she has all sorts of cute stuff!!!!

Number 3:  Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus
Yes, it has been -10F (Yes, NEGATIVE 10 DEGREES) here several mornings this week and normally that would prompt me to crave a hot drink, but sometimes (like when you're frantically shopping with a toddler and a 5 year old at Target), you just need something cool and refreshing.  Enter the Very Berry Hibiscus!  Sooo yummy and low calorie too!!

Number 4:  WreathsByRobyn
Of course my favorites would not be complete without an Etsy shop.  I love decorating with wreaths and this lady has one for every season and holiday!  She even does sports teams ones!!   I already ordered a Valentine's Day one (see it below) and an Easter one and I am pretty sure there will be a few more in my future!!

Number 5:  New Calendar
I LOVE this calendar!  It's called Out on the Porch ( I found it on Amazon).  I have it hanging up at work and every time I look up and see the pretty pictures,  it brightens my day!  If you are still looking for a 2015 calendar, I highly recommend it!

There you have it folks!  Hope you all have a beautiful and warm weekend!!!

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  1. Hi there thanks for stopping by my blog today! :) I love Beautiful Day, one of my fav BBW scents! That store is so dangerous for me, especially during the semi-annual sale! And LOVE the monogrammed scarf!! Hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

  2. Stopping by from the linkup! That monogrammed scarf is amazing and bath and bodywork's always seems to steal my money if I walk in! haha Have a great weekend!

  3. Those are some fabulous Friday finds. I could use the Out on the Porch calendar.

  4. Yes that's my view from my my dreams. I love Hibiscus drinks they are always soooo yummy I will have to try Starbucks. Um negative on that temperature....we're getting up to 50 today and I'm like a bull in a china shop....too excited and probably going to cause some damage LOL!

  5. I haven't made a trip to Bath and Body Works in forever, I really need to get there now, notice the word NEED!

  6. I am obsessed with almost everything from BBW! I will have to check out Beautiful Day! I'm sure it will be equally as amazing as everything else they have!

    Thanks for stopping by for the Saturday Spotlight!

  7. I recently fell in love with bath and body works again! I always get their candles but I bought of bunch of lotions and sprays last time and they are my new favorites!

  8. I love all of them! I have to try that Starbucks beverage it looks amazing!

  9. That Starbucks drink looks so refreshing and that monogrammed scarf looks so warm and soft! Really I love all of your favorites haha

  10. I'm a bath and body works addict. I have to stay of the website or I will by hundreds of dollars worth of candles.

  11. I love BBW, but I have never gotten Beautiful Day - might have to try that one next! :)

  12. NICE FAV'S!!!!! I love Starbucks, wreath is sooo darn cute and pretty and your scarf is gorgeous! I don't need scarfs where I live, but I bet I would have a ton if I did. The calendar is so my style and I love that tropical pic on front cover, as I love everything tropical. Great pics!! xoxo :)