Thursday, November 13, 2014

Friday Favorites: Kids, Candles & DIY!

It's Friday favorites time!  Hooray!!!!  I am so excited for the weekend!  The kiddos are going to their grandparents Saturday night and I am going to have some much needed ME time!!  Then Sunday night we are taking a ride on the Polar Express!!!  I can't wait!  But for now, let's get to my favorites of the week!

Number 1:  Mommy and son(s) time!
Hubs was hunting last weekend so it was just me and the boys.  We had a fun filled Saturday!  We started out at Tiny Tots Tea Room.  This was our first time there and I'm glad we finally went!  It's geared more for the toddlers, but Nick had fun too.  They had TONS of toys, dress up, climbers, a play castle and a "kiddie car roller coaster."  They also have an adjoining eating area (so you can still see the kids playing), where you can order lunch, try one of their delicious coffees or teas, or just sit and relax.  We will definitely be going there again.  After the tea room, we hit 16 Handles and had some delicious FroYo (Nick's request- "I want to go to the place where you can put the worms on your ice cream!").  Then we topped the night off with a movie (Planes 2) and popcorn.

Number 2:  My DIY!
I always get so excited when a DIY actually turns out as it is supposed to!!  I wanted a banner for our fireplace but couldn't find anything I liked.  Enter Pinterest.  Honestly, this looks nothing like the pin I found, but I'm still happy with how it turned out.  And now I'm inspired to make one for Christmas!

Number 3:  Early evening darkness
OK, I admit.  This one is a little odd.  Most people hate how early it gets dark this time of year, and honestly I am usually one of them.  But... there is something so cozy about coming home from work in the dark, putting on your PJ's, lighting a candle, and snuggling in for the night!

Number 4:  Speaking of candles...
I just got this Yankee candle from a friend at work for a fundraiser her son was doing.  It's my new favorite scent!  It's reminiscent of an apple cinnamon leaf (if there was such a thing!)   Sooo perfect for fall!

Number 5:  Christmas pictures!
OK, this is the only one I've seen so far (the photographer happened to post it on her FB page but I don't have any of the pictures yet) but so far I am impressed!  She did such a great job with the boys (who were absolutely NOT cooperative during our session)!  I am so excited to see how they all turned out!!

That's it!  I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!  And thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  1. Love your boys' Christmas picture! It is so hard to get more than one kid to cooperate for photo shoots!

  2. It's the little things, isn't it? I'm thinking of declaring a holiday on the day I replace our cotton sheets with flannel ones for the winter season. It's crazy how excited that makes me! Good photos! The professional ones of your boys look like they're going to be adorable!

  3. The banner is super pretty. I need to stock up on some Fall scents before they're all gone. I actually prefer those scents all year around, but my husband gets tired of the same scent after a while. :)

  4. That picture of your boys is sooo cute!!!!


  5. Love the Christmas picture of your boys! Too cute!


  6. I was thinking of getting The Planes Fire and Rescue movie tomorrow. That cafe/play area place sounds wonderful. Adorable Christmas photo!

  7. Cute photo and DIY! And while I'm pretty sure there isnt a "apple cinnamon leaF", I agree on your points! Love coming home and settling in for the evening a bit early :)