Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thursday Reveals

Welcome to the latest installment of Thursday Reveals!  OK, its actually the FIRST installment, but I'm hoping this will become a monthly thing. What's this all about you wonder?  What am I revealing? Secrets?  Scandals?  Highly classified top secret previously deleted emails?  You'll just have to read on to find out!

So without further ado, I bring you...
Thursday Reveals...

I have been stumped by my son's 1st grade math homework.  Yup.  Second week in. There were triangles and squares and blanks and I'm not quite sure how we were supposed to come up with a numerical answer from that.  Stupid common core!

I bought an ice cream cone on the way home from work today and drove around for an extra 10 minutes to eat it so my kids wouldn't ask for one and I wouldn't have to share.  This wasn't the first time I have done this either.

I already bought my kids' Halloween costumes.  Even more embarrassing, I have started my Christmas shopping.  I can't help it.  I'm a planner!

I am in love with Patrick Dempsey.  I also have a strange attraction to Patrick Stewart (see next reveal).

I used to binge watch Star Trek The Next Generation in college.  I also have about 20 of the original Star Trek episodes saved on my dvr.  #trekkie

What would YOU like to reveal today??


  1. Number 1 made me laugh. It's actually a brilliant method but if you've never seen it before it's confusing. The good news is that it's not for kids! Just send a little note asking the teacher to write out an example for you :)

  2. I am a planner too. We've ordered our son's costume and I booked his birthday party venue in July -- his birthday is October 30.

  3. I love the ice cream cone reveal. I think most parents have snuck the occasional unhealthy treat while handing their kids the vegetables. I know I have!

  4. Hahaha no you cannot be stumped on first grade math. Save it for third grade!